Find the Right Bra Fit with the Butterfly Collection

Claire feels that busty women should feel confident about their curves and enjoy wearing gorgeous bras that fit just right. She and her husband are the creative team behind the Butterfly Collection, an online boutique that offers more than just great bras. Their bra school helps women choose the right fit for the best comfort, coverage, and support.

Finding the Right Bra Fit

Most of us wear bras so you’d think we’re pretty familiar about what a great fitting bra looks and feels like. Unfortunately many of us have no idea what to look for when choosing a bra and why it’s important to get it right.

The right bra does two significant things: 1) it supports the physical weight of your breasts and protects your back and neck 2) it gives you emotional confidence

The most common mistake we make when choosing a bra is to wear a band that is much too big for our body. For decades lingerie stores and boutiques put women in bras that had bands four or five inches bigger than their ribcages. With today’s modern fabrics and elastics there is no need to add inches to the band size. If you wear a band that is too big for you it does three things:

1)      The band cannot get close enough to your ribs to take the weight of your breasts so the weight ends up resting on your shoulders causing your straps to dig in under the strain.

2)      When the band is not anchored in place your bra moves around which means the wires of the cups can poke your delicate breast tissue.

3)      Your band will ride up in the back which means the front will sag giving you a less than perky appearance.

Easy Steps to Finding the Right Bra Fit

The simplest thing you can do right now to check if you are in the right bra is to wrap a fabric tape measure around your ribcage and see if your ribcage measurement is the same or within an inch or two of your bra size. If you’re wearing a bra that is three or more inches bigger than your ribcage then you should consider trying a different bra size.

I started Butterfly Collection because millions of women in North America need bras with 28-38 band sizes and cup sizes over a D cup. Many don’t realize that cups over a D exist or think that they are giant sizes that don’t apply to them. In reality cup letters only mean something in relation to their band; for example a 38C is the same volume of breast tissue as a 30FF – it’s the same amount of breast tissue over a smaller width of body, that’s the only difference.

Our breasts are a vital part of our body and need to be supported correctly to avoid body pain, breast tissue migration and unnecessary sagging. Many of us have felt frustrated and embarrassed by our breasts because we haven’t been given enough information about this fundamental part of the female body. In my work I see women reclaiming their body confidence every day and gaining a whole new perspective on their breasts in the right bra. It’s a gift you can give yourself too.

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