Financial Assistance For Childhood Cancer Patients

Financial Assistance For Childhood Cancer Patients |

Today we are going to share some great resources for Financial Assistance For Childhood Cancer Patients. When your child is diagnosed with a form of cancer, there are no words to explain the pain and fears that you are hit with.  We strive to bring you useful information that can help you in your daily life.   While we hope that this is something you and your family never have to experience, being prepared with ideas of how to cope is always beneficial.  If you are not personally dealing with the financial burden of a child with cancer, you can easily share this information with those in your community who are.


Ronald McDonald House:  This well known organization has houses near hospitals nationwide.  Their houses are there to provide families a place to stay, eat, rest and recharge between hospital visits.  Mostly used when parents and child are not from the area of the hospital and would be forced to make long commutes to and from the hospital or pay for hotels.

Cancer Fund Of America:  This organization can help some with costs, but also helps you navigate insurance issues.  Mostly they provide a great support team.  There are many available to encourage, answer questions or simply listen when you need a bit of an emotional boost.

The National Children’s Cancer Society: This group not only provides tons of information about childhood cancer, support for families and tons of fund raising efforts, but they offer some small financial assistance.  The Transportation Assistance Fund and Emergency Fund are set up to hep families with some needs as their child is in the hospital being treated.  There are reasonable stipulations and limited funds, but this can provide helpful to many who just need that little boost to get them through.

St. Jude’s Research Hospital:  While St. Jude’s doesn’t offer direct financial assistance by giving you money for expenses, they do have a no stress policy regarding you paying for treatment received.  Millions of dollars in treatment are written off each year and provided to children and families in need.  If you lack insurance, want quality care and know that your likely unable to pay for the full medical bill, St. Jude’s is an excellent care option for your child and family.

Everyday Needs Assistance Program:  Set up by Genetech Foundation, this program provides funds to specific causes which help those struggling with finances due to childhood cancer.  Check their complete list of who they fund and what those groups provide on their website.

Go Fund Me:  While nobody likes asking others to help them directly, sometimes we simply need to.  Go Fund Me gives you an opportunity to create an informational page where people can donate to help you at their convenience.  Many families have found this to be an excellent way to get their basic needs out to their community of friends, family and church.

If your family has been faced with the burden of going through treatments for cancer, we hope that we have provided you with a starting place to seek financial assistance for childhood cancer.  These great groups and sites are full of information not only on financial assistance, but on coping with day to day life, your other children and their needs and more.  Don’t miss our other posts about childhood cancer an how you can cope, prevent or face childhood cancer financially and emotionally..

Do you know of any great resources for financial assistance for childhood cancer that we missed?

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