Developmental Milestones: Birth to 2 months


You may not think that a whole lot goes on during the first two months of your baby’s life in terms of developmental milestones, and you’re kind of right.During this time, your baby is focused almost solely on adapting to life outside the womb. He eats, he sleeps, and he fills his diapers on a pretty regular schedule. Of course, it may not be the schedule you’d like, but that’s a whole different story. Still, during the first two months of life, your baby will reach some developmental milestones that help set him up for those during 2 to 4 months and beyond.

Developmental Milestones: Birth to 2 Months

Gross motor skills
  • He has little control over his movements.
  • The neck’s muscles are developing to help lifting the head. It is very important to support your baby’s head during this time.
  • When awake put him on his stomach, he will learn to raise head and look around.
Fine motor skills
  • The movements are not voluntary. The skills are poorly organized. This is normal and is called the reflexive stage. It disappears as the brain matures.
  • If you touch the inside of his hand, he’ll try to grasp your finger.
  • The sucking reflex is well developed. This allows your baby to feed himself or to calm down by putting his hand in his mouth.
Communication and language developmental milestones
  • Crying is their only means of communication. He tells you about different needs such as hunger, sleep, and diaper changer.
  • He looks at faces and stares at objects, people etc.
  • He is startled by loud noises and recognizes his mom’s voice.
Cognitive development: understanding
  • He can imitate some gestures like sticking out his tongue and opening his mouth.
Relationships: social and emotional development
  • The newborn begins recognizing faces and his memory is growing.
  • He looks for your face and can find it.
  • By 6 weeks, he starts smiling at you. He invites you to play with him.