Best Remedies for Dealing with Hand, Foot and Mouth Disease Pain

These best remedies for dealing with hand, foot and mouth disease pain will help alleviate the symptoms while your child heals.

We recently saw a question from a frantic mom wondering if there were any remedies for hand, foot, and mouth disease pain. She said “Hi Moms, any thing to help with mouth ulcers of HFM disease for one-year-old? He is in bad pain and didn’t drink since last night!”  We could feel her desperation; no one wants to see their baby in pain like that! So we checked into it. Keep in mind that you should ALWAYS consult your doctor before trying any remedies for hand, foot and mouth disease pain. This is not medical advice and only intended for informational purposes.

Hand foot and mouth disease is a painful disease that usually affects kids younger than 5 years of age, but sometimes adults can be affected as well.  Your child will run a fever and have blisters appear in the mouth, and also develop a rash.  Poor little guys!  I have never had hand foot and mouth disease, nor have my children (knock on wood!), but I have heard the blisters are very sore and painful.  There really is no concrete medical treatment for hand, foot and mouth but there are some things you can do at home to help relieve the pain.

Remedies for Dealing with Hand, Foot, and Mouth Disease Pain


 Some liquids, like sugary juices and acidic beverages, are going to be painful.  Stick to sips of water and ice chips.  Milk is ok too.  The best part of this (if there can be a ‘best part’) is that ice cream and sherbet are going to be eaten a lot!  So if you haven’t figured it out yet, cold liquid is good.  The less sugar and acid in the beverage, the better, or you will just be causing your child more pain.  Also, give beverages in a cup rather than a bottle, the sucking could be painful.

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Soft foods

 As you might imagine, hard, scratchy foods, like toast and cereal will irritate the blisters and eating will be a painful and unpleasant experience for your child.  Stick to things like yogurt, pudding, jello, applesauce or mashed cauliflower.

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Rinsing mouth

 Now that he has eaten, it will be important for your child to rinse his mouth.  Just a simple salt water solution will do.  It will help relieve some of the pain as well and keeping the blisters clean.  Swish it around and gargle and spit it out, repeat a couple of times to make sure all the food particles are gone and his mouth is cleaned out.  

OTC meds

 You can give your child Ibuprofen for his fever and acetaminophen for the pain.  I hope this goes without saying, but follow the instructions on the label.  In addition to fever meds, you can also try a cool washcloth to the back of the neck, forehead and back of the knees to help bring the fever down.

Hand, foot, and mouth is very contagious, so as much isolation as possible for the infected one.  For you, take care of yourself, wash your hands and disinfect everything, even if you think you already have, do it again, just to be sure.  You don’t want this going around your house!  Think of how bad it is with the flu hits your home.  

Do you have experience in dealing with hand, foot and mouth disease pain?  Share your experiences with us below in the comments!

12 thoughts on “Best Remedies for Dealing with Hand, Foot and Mouth Disease Pain”

  1. My daughter is almost 20 months, we are on day 5 of HFMD, if you include day 1 where it all begin with a spike in a fever leading to febrile seizures. This has by far been the absolute worst out of everything else she has been sick with since starting daycare this year. Last night she would not lay down, she screamed and cried for hours in pain. We have been rotating both tylenol and motrin but I believe the symptoms were getting worse. Tonight I gave her a oatmeal bath (aveeno brand) and she actually fell asleep with 15 min. This seems to have help calmed her and the skin. Hope this tip can help other Mama’s!

  2. Going through it right now daughter just has a very mild case me on the other hand ( no pun) got everything hands feet face covered hurt so stinking bad Tylenol Benadryl and showers the only things that help…. I just want it to be over with already…..

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  4. Awe, poor little one. I hate to see any kiddo in pain. These are great tips for battling hand, foot and mouth disease. I hope the parents in need get a hold of this.

  5. I will definitely be bookmarking these tips for when I have children and passing this information along to any of my students parents who are curious about what to do. This information is really helpful for knowing how to deal with HFM disease!

  6. I am so thankful to have not had this in our house yet. These are some really great tips for helping kids out if they get it. It’s so hard to watch your kids deal with being sick and in pain. I didn’t think about soft foods for it before.

  7. Great tips and fortunately I have never had to deal with this but I can see that ice cream or ice chips would really be a great way to relieve some of the misery that would go with this. I bet popsicles would be a great way to help too.

  8. This is something new that I just heard about a few years ago when one of my editors daughter had it. She did an article on my site asap about it so we could get the word out. Glad that you can do your own remedies to help ease it some

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