Developmental Milestones: 6 to 9 months


If you thought developmental milestones during 4 to 6 months were occurring quickly, wait until you see how busy your baby is during 6-9 months. He’s mastering major new motor skills and ready to really start exploring the world. Just don’t go too far away from him, he’s not ready to get out there on his own quite yet!

Developmental Milestones: 6 to 9 months

Gross motor skills

  • He learns to sit by himself without support.
  • He is learning to crawl backwards.
  • Lying on his stomach, he holds himself up with his arms.

Fine motor skills

  • He can grasp smaller objects and moves them from hand to hand.
  • He may try to hold his bottle. He likes to play with his bowls and food.
  • At about 9 months, his hand-eye coordination will improve.

.Communication and language developmental milestones

  • He may turn his head when you call his name.
  • He starts using few words, but to most parents, these still sound like baby talk.
  • He understands some words although he does not pronounce them yet.

Cognitive development: understanding

  • He loves putting things in his mouth. It is his way to explore and discover. This is the time you really need to be careful about what he can reach. Everything goes into the mouth! Make sure it’s not dangerous.
  • He recognizes his toys. He likes playing the same game, again and again.
  • He is trying to understand things: throws games to see what happens.

Relationships: social and emotional development

  • He reacts when he sees you: either smiles or laughs. He reacts to the tone of your voice, either you are happy or angry.
  • He may be uncomfortable with strangers. He will cry when the person who takes care of him leaves. Try playing peek-a-boo so he will understand that you’re not disappearing forever when you leave.
  • He may be attached to a substitute object. Try to have it in double.

As always, your baby will develop at his own pace. If he is not meeting these developmental milestones by the end of 9 months, consider talking to his doctor to determine if there is a cause for his delay. It may be nothing, but it’s always best to check with a professional.