5 Helpful Tips to Bust Your Anxiety

I have found these 5 helpful tips to help your anxiety work for me. When anxiety starts to creep up on you, it can be hard to ground yourself if you don’t know what to do. It is not something anyone else can see from the outside. I hope these tips help you as much as they help me!

I have found these 5 helpful tips to help bust your anxiety work for me.  When anxiety starts to creep up on you, it can be hard to ground yourself if you don’t know what to do.  It is not something anyone else can see from the outside.  If you bust your arm, someone can tell and offer assistance if needed.  But when it comes to anxiety, no one can see you suffering, and so no one knows that you need some help.  Hopefully these 5 tips can help you the next time you find yourself feeling anxious.  

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5 Tips to Help Bust Your Anxiety


Focus on breathing in and out, nice deep breaths, in your nose and out your mouth.  Something I was taught a while ago, by my psychology professor in college, is to imagine inhaling in white and exhaling black.  Taking a nice deep breath through your nose and picture the color white, and when you exhale, imagine it to be black, all the bad things.  It helps me, I hope it will help you as well.     


Close your eyes for a minute and visualize a place that you feel happy and calm.  It could be a riverbank watching people kayak by, or the leaves blowing in the wind, or laying on the grass watching the clouds above your float by.  Visualize and breathe.   


Music is it’s own special form of therapy.  Listening to the words and the melody and beat helps to transfer your focus.  Take your pulse, turn the music on. It is proven to reduce your heart rate and improve your mood.  You want to aim for your heart rate to be between 60-80 beats per minute. Switching your focus to monitoring your heart rate and listening to music will help to bring you back.  


Adult coloring books might just be the best invention since sliced bread!  I know this is an activity that helps me.  A box of colored pencils, and a coloring book (or 2) and even some music should help to start alleviating your anxiety.  Switching your focus and energy to something other than how you are feeling will help to ground you again.

Muscle relaxing techniques

You can do this wherever you are.  Start at your toes, tighten them up, then release.  Now your toes and your calves, and release.  Work your way up to your shoulders.  Flexing your muscles and releasing the tension, is physically releasing the tension you feel, and again, you are switching your focus to your body and what you are doing to it.

Of course if you are experiencing panic attacks, or don’t feel as if you are capable of handling your feelings on your own, please consult your doctor.  You should not feel any shame in asking for help.  With social media these days, there are many groups you can find through Facebook as well that are full of people experiencing the same things you are and have found ways to make it easier to cope.  

Do you have any favorite tricks or tips to help you bust your anxiety? Share in the comments!

17 thoughts on “5 Helpful Tips to Bust Your Anxiety”

  1. I think the adult coloring books are one of the best ideas. This can really help with lots of stress too. I’m so glad that these were made. I love coloring in the adult coloring books.

  2. Breathing is a great technique to pull all of your anxiety. Your post is very helpful especially for people who are having troubles coping up with anxieties.

  3. I love music and it keeps my anxiety away. Whenever I feel stressed out, I listen to calming music and then suddenly, I feel better.

  4. Anxiety is no laughing matter, it’s good to have an outlet or something to help you calm down every time you experience it. I love the options that you have here. Music has always been an awesome tool for calming yourself down.

  5. Thank you for the helpful hints. I will deff try the breating in and out because I get really bad aniexty sometimes and what soothes me down is Water and splash of water in my face. I am going to look into the Adult Coloring books too I always did love coloring (:

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