Developmental Milestones: 2 to 4 months

During the first two months of your baby’s life, it may not seem like a whole lot was going on. Babies spend those months basically sleeping, eating, and filling up their diaper! Around month two, though things begin to change. While your baby may not look like he is making major leaps and bounds in the developmental milestones department, a lot is going on in the background to prepare him for the future. Take a look!

Developmental Milestones: 2 to 4 months

Gross motor skills

  • The neck’s muscles are strengthening so he can hold his head with less help.
  • He controls more arms and legs. The baby will bring their hands together when on their backs and prop up on their forearms when on their tummy.
  • When lying face down, he raises his head and pushes up bit by bit using his arms. Babies at this age need a lot of time on the floor or a  tummy time mat to help give them a chance to explore more.

Fine motor skills

  • The control and use of their right and left arms will be the same.
  • He develops the skill of moving their eyes and head in a coordinated manner from side to side.
  • He starts holding objects. The grasp is reflexive. He will not be able to release objects purposefully. Now is a great time to introduce some good developmental baby toys.

Communication and language

  • He makes different sounds. While he’s not exactly saying mama yet, he will make cooing sounds that indicate he is working on future language development skills.
  • He smiles when you speak, to him.
  • He turns his eyes towards interesting sounds, voices.

Cognitive developmental milestones: understanding

  • He repeats actions such as sucking the thumb.

Relationships: social and emotional development

  • He responds to other smiles.
  • He becomes interested in other babies.
  • Around 3 months, he is more aware of other family members.

While these developmental milestones represent the “average” baby from 2-4 months, keep in mind that every baby is unique. If your baby isn’t advancing according to this chart, talk to your doctor before you start to really worry.