Developmental Milestones: 15 to 18 months


Congratulations! Your baby is no longer an infant. He’s not a full-fledged toddler. During the next three months, developmental milestones will still continue to focus on getting him mobile, much as they did during 12 to 15 months. He is also working on his language skills more and more every day. By the end of these three months, there is a good chance he will be talking quite a bit, although probably not quite in complete sentences yet.

Developmental Milestones: 15 to 18 Months

Gross motor skills
  • By the end of this period,  your child should be walking backwards and sideways.
  • He climbs stairs on all fours, goes downstairs backward, gets into cupboards. Make sure to keep a safe environment for him. Consider putting up a safety gate if you have steps, or to keep him out of dangerous areas.
  • He can pick up a toy without falling. He begins to jump with both feet Around 17 months; he should be able to kick a ball.
Fine motor skills
  • He learns how to turn pages of a book, hold a door handle. He can stack two or three cubes
  • He helps you dress or undress him. He can draw with a large crayon
  • He can drink from a cup with both hands
Communication and language
  • He understands simple instructions: give me your teddy bear.
  • By 18 months, he may be able to identify some body parts.
  • By 18 months, he knows at least 18 words. He says ,no, and understands what it means.
Cognitive developmental milestones: understanding
  • He still throws things from his highchair.
  • He is still exploring new things to do, in order to understand how it works. It is trial and error
  • He may know some body parts.
Relationships: social and emotional development
  • It is the beginning of independence.
  • He still imitates the things you do: preparing meals, dressing,
  • He likes dancing on the music and repeating animal sounds. He loves playing in the sand and splashing water

These three months of developmental milestones often send parents running to the pediatrician with worries! They expect their baby to be able to master walking and talking by the time they reach the end of this period. While your baby may hit all the milestones right on target, don’t panic if he’s not talking by 18 months, or walking by 15.