Things I COULD Not DO Before Boot Camp Fitness Class


Thinking about taking a boot camp fitness class but not sure if it’s for you? Maybe this will convince you! My only New Year’s resolution was to exercise more. I don’t necessarily want to lose weight or inches, I just want to have more energy. For someone who is considered as a tornado by her peers, aiming for more energy seems strange. Well, I may have energy for my family and my business but by 9 pm I am as good as dead. I feel drained. Since I cannot make cuts to my overall lifestyle: work, kids, family, etc, I can work on my health and exercise more.

So I decided to take boot camp fitness class. Before taking the class, I thought I was a fit person. I ski with the kids, I bike in the summer and I walk almost daily. I was quiet happy with myself. Needless to say when I started my boot camp classes, I was shocked. I felt like I a 90-year-old woman!. I COULD NOT do half of the class. I was breathless within minutes. It was kind of depressing but I did not give up. I don’t like giving up and failure is not something I cope well with. So I continued and within weeks, I noticed improvements. I noticed the following.  It is funny because I did not notice those things before starting the boot camp fitness class. I thought it was normal but now I figure maybe it wasn’t!

Things I could not DO before boot camp fitness class

Climb the stairs without being breathless.


I thought it was normal to climb the stairs and be breathless. I got used to it until one day my mom raised a flag and pointed that. My mom is in her late sixties and does not feel that way. After a few weeks of boot camp, I noticed a huge difference. I was able not only to climb the stairs and not feel breathless but I could climb 2 at a time!

Race with my kids and beat them

My daughter is 7 and loves running. I was ashamed I could not run after her without feeling like a 90 year old. It was exhausting just watching her running (joking). I could not follow her speed, nor aim to beat her. A few weeks after starting the boot camp, I could follow her and beat her. Of course, I managed to slow down a bit and let her win..but I could do it

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Stay awake after 9PM

This is almost true. The days I have a boot camp fitness class, I am beat by 9 pm. But it is that good kind of beat: feeling good tired, muscles sore. But I don’t drop dead and sleep while watching a show. I was able to finish my show (which made my husband happy). It was kind of boring having his wife sleeping and watching by himself.

Drinking water

Of course I could drink water before boot camp but It did not occur to me to have a full glass of water while i am sitting. Since the boot camp uses all of your energy, you need to hydrate a lot. I kind of reconnected with water again. I found it quite good and to tell the truth: it can fill you up. If you have some kind of craving, drink water and it may disappear.

Most of all: feeling good and proud of myself

This is the most wonderful part. I was proud of myself. After all doing jumping jacks for 2 minutes was not that easy. But I could do it and it made me feel good.

Now I am not telling you to sign up for a boot camp fitness class or what so ever. but if you ever get the chance to sign up for a training class, do it. Do it for the sake of your body, your sanity and your family. You may be surprised at how many benefits you find in it!

Have you taken a boot camp fitness class? How did it make you feel about yourself? Tell us in the comments!



12 thoughts on “Things I COULD Not DO Before Boot Camp Fitness Class”

  1. Racing with you kids is something that means so much to them! I am getting there but they are getting very fast these days. I loved my bootcamp class many years ago. Dragging tires was actually fun!

  2. Something that is so wonderful about fitness is how it makes you feel, inside and out. Mentally and physically. I love that feeling when you’re done, it’s almost like you’re at peace.

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