25 Fun Outdoor Winter Activities for Families Made Easy with Club House

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Living in Canada, you really have two choices when it comes to winter.  You can either embrace it or hibernate until spring. It can get downright frigid-cold. It WILL get snowy. Hibernating is no fun, not to mention unhealthy! So my family embraces winter! In fact, some of our favorite activities can only be done during the winter season!

Outdoor Winter Activities for Families Made Easy with Club House Slow Cookers Seasoning Mix

Since we’ve chosen to embrace winter as a family, we try to vary our activities throughout the winter as much as possible. We use our slow cooker and Club House Slow Cookers Seasoning Mixes to make dinner. That way, we can have time as a family while dinner is cooking without me hovering over it! Club House makes it so easy, with solutions for every type of meal from meatloaf to pulled pork.

Check out 25 of our favorite outdoor winter activities!

1.  Skiing! Of all the outdoor winter activities, skiing is our absolute favorite. We love to hit the  slopes as a family.


2.  Ice Skating. When we can’t hit the slopes, we head to the nearest frozen lake, strap on a pair of skates and enjoy the fresh air. If it’s too cold outside, we head to an indoor rink for fun.


3.  Sledding. Grab your toboggan and head to the nearest hill for inexpensive family fun. Trekking back up those hills is great exercise!
4.  Build a snowman.  Take advantage of all that white fluff for a totally free winter family activity! You don’t have to be a master sculptor to create a fun new frosty friend! It’s all about the bonding, not the outcome.
5.   Winter wonderland photo shoot. Grab the camera and head out for a walk along a snowy path. You’ll get some great shots of the kids and nature while enjoying fresh air and exercise.
6.  Build a snow fort! You don’t need fancy tools, square or rectangular plastic food containers work great for making bricks.
7.  Have a Winter Scavenger Hunt. Make a list of winter sights in your neighborhood, such as Christmas decorations still left up (we all have one neighbor who waits until July to take them down!), pine cones, and so on. Then head off on a family hunt to see who can spot the most items first.
8.  Make a pine cone bird feeder for all the winter feathered friends. It’s easy to make, just slather a pine cone with peanut butter, roll it in some seed and hang it from a tree!
9.   Bird watching: Once your bird feeder is up, watch for the different birds that come to dine and keep a log of the ones you see!
10.  Blow frozen bubbles. This is such a simple activity but it’s so cool! Did you know that when you blow bubbles outside in below freezing weather, the bubbles freeze?
11.   Create your own snow tubing obstacle course. If you live in a hilly area, try making your own obstacle course for snow tubing. Use traffic cones if you can find any. You can even just make “cones” out of snow.
12.   Make a snow maze! When Mother Nature dumps a ton of snow on your area, don’t be sad! Use it as an opportunity to shovel paths in a maze formation. It’s your own frosty labyrinth.
13.   Create a snowball carnival game. If you’re worried about kids knocking each other out by throwing snowballs at each other, have them throw them into a pyramid of cups filled with ice, or into a box with holes cut out for targets.
14.   Search for animal tracks. Take a walk through the woods after the snow has settled and try to find different animal tracks. Take pictures of those you find and put them in an explorer journal.
15.   Build snow castles. Dig out the beach buckets and use them to make snow castles instead of sand castles. Gather all the kids in the neighborhood and turn it into a friendly competition, with prizes for the biggest, most unique, and so on.
16.   Paint the snow. Fill spray bottles with water, add a few drops of food coloring, and let kids paint designs on the snow.
17.   Build a Snow Lantern. Make a pile of large, tight snowballs about the size of a baseball and stack them in a pyramid shape, with the middle hollowed out. Tuck battery-operated LCD lights inside and watch them glow.
18.   Bury treasures in the snow and let kids dig for them. Find some toys that can get wet and bury them in the snow. Give your little ones a shovel and let them dig away.
19.   Build a bonfire and roast marshmallows.
20.   Create a winter “garden.” Paint rocks and sticks in beautiful colors and patterns, then arrange into a “garden.”
21.   Make Ice Balls: Fill a balloon with water and leave it outside overnight to freeze. Cut the balloon away and you have an awesome ice ball! These alone make beautiful simple sculptures. You can also paint them with watercolors or food coloring to make them more colorful.
22.   Backyard Barbecue. Sometimes we get lucky and have a day that isn’t quite so frosty. Those days, we bundle up, fire up the grill and try to pretend that it’s summer!
23.   Make a winter collage. Gather up pine cones, twigs and any other bits of nature that you find poking out, then create a mixed-media collage!
24.   Drive-in movie. While it seems that drive-in movie theaters have gone the way of VHS tapes, you can create your own. Hang a big white sheet from your garage door and rent a projector. Then hop in the car together and enjoy!
25.   Window shopping. Head to town and stroll along the streets, checking out all the cool window displays that pop up in the winter!

What are your favorite outdoor winter activities to enjoy as a family?
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  1. Such wonderful ideas Olfa!!! We went ice skating this week, we had so much fun! Planning on going again on Sunday! I’m definitely going to be putting something yummy in the slow cooker before heading out! I’m really enjoying the Club House Slow Cookers Seasoning Mixes so delicious!!

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