World Vision Canada: Gifts that Give Back #Worldvisiongifts

Thank you World Vision Canada for sponsoring this conversation. All opinions are mine. Let’s Give the Gift Of Giving Back.

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Holiday shopping can get a little overwhelming, especially when you’re trying to buy for someone who pretty much has it all. I usually go with gift cards in those situations. This year, though, I want to do something a bit more meaningful. Something that helps me help others, that spreads the joy of giving more than receiving. World Vision Canada Giving Cards are the answer to all my shopping challenges.

Giving back with World Vision Canada Giving Cards

World Vision Canada is a charitable organization that helps make the world a better place by giving those in less fortunate regions the tools they need to succeed. The World Vision Canada Giving Cards are gift cards that let the recipient choose those tools to gift to others. It’s the perfect way to help your family and friends help others.

I love the idea of Giving Cards because it allows the recipient to choose a gift based on their own passions. We’re not all the same, we care about different things to different degrees. For example, I may be passionate about providing healthy food to communities while my friend wants to ensure that every child receives an education. The Giving Cards let everyone choose the gift that speaks to their heart.

What Can You Give For $50 and Under?

  • Fruit Trees: For just $30, you can provide a family with five fruit trees. They can use that fruit to create healthy meals, sell at markets and boost their immune systems. Giving families access to healthy agriculture helps the entire community. They can, in turn, give to others, work to provide for their families and so much more. A good diet is so important.
  • Literacy to Children: A gift of $30 provides storybooks, textbook and literacy support to children. Learning to read can change a child’s world in so many ways. It encourages them to dream, shows them a brighter future and helps them learn valuable skills.
  • Water filters: Did you know that safe drinking water is a scarcity for millions of people across the world? For $50, you can purchase a water filter powerful enough to filter out deadly bacteria.
  • Winter Clothing for Children: Living in Canada, we know how bad the cold can get in the winter. Imagine not having hats, gloves, coats or even a sweater during those freezing days. For $35, you can help save a child from freezing to death by providing winter clothing.
  • Two Hens and a Rooster: Did you know that just two hens and a rooster can completely change a family’s life? They produce up to 150 eggs a year. Imagine if the family hatched even 20 of those eggs, then used the rest for food or selling at market. Those 20 hatchlings could go on to produce thousands of eggs each year! With just $50, you’ve helped a family create a thriving business and put food on their table. I love this video from World Vision Canada that demonstrates how amazing this gift is.

These are just a few ways that a gift of at least $30 can help others around the world. Of course, you can give more if you prefer. With $100, you can immunize an entire community against deadly bacteria. With $2,600, you can help 50 street children get an education. There are so many different ways to help, and it all starts with a World Vision Canada Giving Card. Visit World Vision Canada to learn more. Follow them on Twitter and on Facebook to keep up with news.

What wonderful gift from World Vision Canada would you love to give to help others?

29 thoughts on “World Vision Canada: Gifts that Give Back #Worldvisiongifts”

  1. I have given these world vision gifts for Christmas a few years ago, everyone who received one was so happy.

  2. The most important lesson here is that you don’t need to give a lot to help make big changes. World Vision is such a great charity because they really stretch your dollar to have the biggest impact.

  3. World Vision Canada is a wonderful organization. I would choose the water filters. The two hens and a rooster are a great gift as well.

  4. Hubby and I just recently sponsored a child and it was the best thing I think we did all year. I always feel such empathy and sympathy with these kids.

  5. We donated for the first time last year. We talked it over with the kids and they were so eager. After Christmas we also talked about it and they were still thrilled that they could help, even if just a little.

  6. This year we did soccer balls already. We did that because I saw how much that simple gift gave to an entire group of young boys who needed a space to be safe after school. The space was a soccer field and they were motivated to be part of a team and many even went on to become college students and train as phys ed teachers.

  7. World vision is something we do with our kids to teach them how to give back to those that are less fortunate. My kids love donating their money and deciding what to donate. Last year we did 2 chickens.

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