No More Losing His Keys: Unique Father’s Day Gift Ideas

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Is your dad or husband one of those dads who have it all? All the devices, doodads, and tech gear! What on earth do you get a dad like that for Father’s Day?! You don’t want to get him another tie, you want unique Father’s Day gift ideas!  Check these out!

Unique Father’s Day Gift Ideas


Yes, it LOOKS like a boring, everyday vest. But it isn’t. It’s a men’s Scottevest. Check out what one looks like when you put it through an airport x-ray machine:


It has 24 hidden pockets! Raise your hand if your hubby needs more pockets. With no purse to put his keys in and a bulging wallet with no more room? This vest would be better than having a purse. In fact, if the dad you’re buying for is a frequent flyer, he will love the extra carry on room – no more fees for extra bags!

And if the dad in question isn’t a vest fan? You can try a zip up, cotton fleece hoodie like this instead:

It only has 13 hidden pockets, but it will still fit his smart phone, iPad, and more!

If he likes to travel light (or you want something lighter on YOUR pocketbook), the dad in your life can still get plenty of pockets for all his gear with this great t-shirt:


It has 5 hidden pockets! These pockets are especially great for travelling abroad. The dad wearing this will never worry about pick pockets and will always have his ID and passport on him.

Whether your dad’s favourite pastime is hiking, photography, bird watching, travel, or just every day adventures, one of these handy pieces of clothing will be a perfect fit for a Father’s Day gift! Don’t forget to check out these First Father’s Day Gift Ideas as well as more Unique Father’s Day Gift Ideas.

Have you ever seen one of these items with hidden pockets? What do you think would make the perfect, unique Father’s Day gift? Let us know in the comments!

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  1. i saw those featured on a tv prgram but dont remember which one. i think they are a really cool idea especially for my husband who carries way too much stuff on him

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