Tips for Choosing the Best Mother’s Day Flowers

With Mother’s Day coming up in less than a month, you may be stressing about what to get for mom! Mother’s Day flowers are always a great choice, especially if mom lives further away. We have some tips on choosing the best Mother’s Day flowers to make it a little easier on you. This post contains affiliate links.


While many people think of flowers as a last-minute gift or a “I had no idea what to get you, so here’s a bouquet” type of gift, they really are a great way to bring some spring life into the home. Even when I get another gift, I like to give at least a small bouquet. We had such a miserable winter here and I’m just so excited to see color back in the world again! I want to bring that into my home!

Choosing the best Mother’s Day Flowers

When you’re choosing the best Mother’s Day flowers, the most important tip is to think about your recipient. You obviously want to get something that they love. Just about everyone has a favorite flower. Sometimes when we look at a bouquet, we tend to look for our own favorites, what appeals most to us. If you love roses, for example, you may be drawn to that section of the floral shop. That’s great if you mom loves roses too, but maybe she prefers lilies or daisies. Leave your own flower biases at the door! Other tips for choosing the best Mother’s Day flowers include:

  • Start looking around early. Yes, you can get Mother’s Day flowers at the last minute, but if it’s going to be a planned part of your gift, give it the attention it deserves. By shopping around your local florists, you can get an idea of who has the healthiest flowers. You want something that is going to last longer than one day!
  • If your mom is a gardener, consider giving her flowers that can be replanted. If that doesn’t work, how about adding flower seed packets to the bouquet so she can grow her own?


  • Don’t want to give flowers that will die in a week? How about a bonsai tree? They have flowering varieties that just so happen to bloom in May! Perfect timing, right? The Japanese have taken bonsai tree care to an entire art form level. Caring for the tree is said to be deeply relaxing.
  • Make sure you add a nice Mother’s Day card to the arrangement to make it a bit more personal. Get a personalized card from a site like Tiny Prints, or let your little ones make a special card for grandma.


  • Put some thought into the vase. The flowers will fade and wither, but a good vase can be used for many bouquets to come. Make the vase the star of the gift and the flowers kind of like the decorative ribbon. I absolutely love the beautiful art glass vase above. Even without flowers, it makes a stunning piece of art. 

These tips will help you choose the best Mother’s Day flowers that go beyond just a last-minute arrangement. Do you have any other great tips for picking out flowers?

31 thoughts on “Tips for Choosing the Best Mother’s Day Flowers”

  1. Elizabeth Matthiesen

    I like the idea of a Bonsai tree, I’ve had several and didn’t find them at all relaxing but they are beautiful to look at even if they do need quite a lot of TLC.

  2. Laurie Emerson

    I like all of the tips. I would love to get or give a Bonsai Tree as it would last so much longer than just flowers and be a reminder of how much you are thought of and loved.

  3. These are great tips. I am always disappointed with the flowers I get at flower shops and supermarkets.

  4. Christy Martin

    All great ideas! I love buying her flowers because it is something she might do for herself once a season, usually spring tulips. I tend to strugle with purchasing fresh cut flowers (short life) and love your idea of adding seeds or something replantable.

  5. Tricia Cooper

    That vase is just beautiful! One of my favourite things in the world is fresh flowers and you’ve provided some great tips! I didn’t know that there are flowering bonsai plants.

  6. robyn donnelly

    I enjoy flowers outdoors since its possible my family has allergies to blooming items. All flowers are wonderful. Even those considered weeds.

  7. I am a firm believe of get me flowers while I am alive, they are beautiful, but do little for when I am dead, seriously,k I would refer to have flowers that grown and are not cut, so I can enjoy them for a long time, thank you for sharing this review.

  8. The vase is gorgeous. My favorite flower is tulips but I also like carnations because they stay fresh for such a long time. Thanks for the advice.

  9. Buying flowers that can be replanted is a great idea. I’m thinking that’s what I’ll do.

  10. I love the idea of the vase! It will brighten up the house long after the flowers are gone. I always get my mom flowers for Mother’s Day and this is a great idea!

  11. I agree as well, a great vase makes some great looking flowers! These are some very pretty flowers, I especially love the little bonsai!

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