Feel Like Royalty At RBC Avion Holiday Boutique #AvionVip

Heading out into the hustle and bustle of the holiday shopping season? Head to the RBC Avion Holiday Boutique for a break! It’s an oasis in a busy shopping mall, which is truly a gift!

Feel Like a Royality At RBC Avion Holiday Boutique #AvionVip

As soon as Halloween ends, I start thinking about the holiday shopping and craziness! Each year, I try to finish my Christmas shopping early but each year I am so caught up in the hustle and bustle of every day life that I end up starting  my shopping in December: when the craziness starts! I usually don’t go shopping with the kids! They drive my crazy and I drive them crazy because all that music and the crowd in the malls get on our nerves. We end up exhausted and in a bad mood when it is supposed to be a great time of the year!

This year, though,  I had to go shopping with them! My daughter needed some outfits and my son needed boots! I cannot choose boots for him by myself, not at his age (12). He will end up not wearing them! Don’t you think so? We headed to Mail Champlain in Montreal to shop and to try the RBC Avion Holiday Boutique ! The mall is about 45 minutes away from our home! That was a bad start for my kids! They kept whining: are we there yet each minute! They should ban this phrase from any kids mouth!

Royal Treatment at RBC Avion Holiday Boutique

Valet Parking with RBC Avion!

When we arrived, the parking lot was crowded! But thanks to my RBC Avion card, we had Valet parking! Isn’t that nice? Besides, I could leave all those mittens and hats in the car so I don’t have to drag them around and probably lose them at the mall!

As soon as we got into the mall, an RBC Avion card agent showed us our way to the RBC Avion Holiday boutique! I did not want leave! I wish I could have stayed there all afternoon and enjoy some me time! But I had some serious shopping to do! We dropped our coats there.  That’s a huge asset during holiday shopping in Canada! Coats are heavy and I usually end up having my coat and my daughter’s in my hand! Not convenient!!

If I could have this in my own home!

Dragging my feet out of the boutique, we started our shopping! Of course my teen was a bit (how can I say it nicely), non cooperative! I almost snapped at him and told him that we were out mostly to buy HIM  boots! Ah those teens! After only one hour of searching for the perfect boots for the young man, I was already tired! I had to relax somewhere! RBC Avion Holiday boutique was lifesaver at that moment!

Relaxing moments at RBC Avion Holiday Boutique

RBC Lounge: Mail Champlain
What should I choose?

We headed back! There was a pianist playing nice relaxing music! An nice hostess offered us coffee, hot chocolate and some delicious goodies to boost our mood! Of course my daughter spilled her chocolate and made a mess! So I went and sat down by myself for 5 minutes! I even read a magazine and enjoyed some TV time! It was heaven on earth and I felt  like  royalty!

RBC Lounge : Daugter lurking goodies
RBC Lounge : Daugter lurking goodies

The kids enjoyed the goodies and the nice music too! They did not want to go back to shopping and for a reason! Who wants to go to the hustle and bustle of the holiday craziness and leave that coziness? I am sure you would not either!

How many hours should I work out if I eat all these?

The hostess was nice enough to share with us about the Holiday Boutique! Check this video!

About RBC Avion card

Now let me share something with you! I have been an RBC Avion card holder for few years. I love it! Why? Because you can earn and save money! Earn 1 RBC Rewards point for every dollar spent on purchases.Plus, earn bonus points when shopping through the RBC Rewards eMall! I use it for my grocery shopping and it adds up quickly!

One year we are able to book a trip to Florida with the rewards! Choose air travel rewards from the Air Travel Redemption Schedule starting as low as 15,000 points and fly on any airline, anytime with no blackouts, or seat restrictions!

And then when it is the holiday season, I redeem my points for RBC financial rewards. I get a nice check in the mail that covers my shopping expenses! It has a premium and Extensive Insurance package including trip cancellation and protection for your trip, hotel, rental vehicle, and purchases. Check it out!

Disclosure: I am part of the RBC Avion Holiday Boutique Blogger Campaign with Mom Central Canada and I receive special perks as part of my affiliation with this group. The opinions on this blog are my own.”

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  1. Wow! That does not look like a stressful shopping experience at all. So much fun. This sounds like an amazing program. Then a check in the mail too? Amazing, going to go check this out now, thanks

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