Kids on A Plane Says Our Sling Bags Are Very Versatile!

We are loving all the wonderful reviews of OurFamilyWorld Sling Bags for active families! The most recent review came from Cheryl at  Kids on a Plane, who said that our Racer Urban bag is versatile.

Kids on a Plane Racer Urban Sling Bags Review

We sure think it is too, but we’re always glad to hear others say so! Cheryl used our Racer Urban sling bag for carrying the essentials to her daughter’s swim practice. She also thinks it makes a great smaller diaper bag for those times when you just need to stash a few items rather than carrying the whole big bag.

Cheryl also says:

After several weeks of wearing and using the Racer Urban Sling Bag, I’d recommend it to any parent or child looking for a lightweight bag that is easy on the wallet and comfortable to wear for an entire day while exploring the world with the family.

Read the rest of Cheryl’s Racer Urban Sling Bag review and enter for a chance to win one of our awesome sling bags for your family! Check out our entire line at OurFamilyWorld Bags.

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