Mommy Kat and Kids Totes Family Gear with Our Racer Urban Sling Bags! #HelpFamilies

Wondering what you can do with our Racer Urban sling bags? Mommy Kat and Kids thinks they’re just right for toting family gear and picking up small groceries on her bike rides!

Racer Urban Sling Bags

We loved hearing about how her son just started biking to the library! He used our Racer Urban sling bag to pick up a few good books! It’s great to know our sling bags help kids read more by making it easier to tote books back from the library! Check out Kat’s review for other ways our sling bags came in handy during bike rides! While you’re there, be sure to enter the giveaway for a chance to win your very own sling bag!

Don’t forget, all our sling bags come with free samples! Plus, we donate a portion of the proceeds to help other families in need.

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