Meet Edwin the Duck: The Smartest Rubber Ducky on the Planet!

This post is brought to you by Edwin the Duck. All opinions are our own.


Have you met Edwin the Duck?  He is no ordinary duck.  Edwin is the world’s first (and cutest) Smart Duck and your child’s new best friend!  Together they will learn, play, sing and dream.  Right now he lives here but he is waiting for you to take him home.

Edwin is a classic-looking rubber duck that your child can hold, with the added fun of being interactive.  He is soft to the touch, and completely made of rubber (except for his docking station parts on his underside). His heart glows red and green too! Check out my video to see him in action!


How Does Edwin the Duck Work?

Edwin uses SQUACK technology to connect and interacts with your child through an animated Edwin on your smartphone or tablet, while the toy acts as a controller and guide.  The Edwin App is an award-winning app containing four key features: Play Time, Story Time, Song Time and Sleepy Time.

Play Time Mode


Your child joins Edwin on his adventures by tapping, tilting and turning him.  The animated Edwin leads the fun, telling your child what to do.  If he is correct, the toy Edwin’s head lights up green. If not, his head turns red, and animated Edwin waits for the correct movement from your child.

Story Time


In stories like ‘Edwin Feeling Small’, your child helps Edwin to clean his room and, in turn, he encourages them to do the same (thanks Edwin!)  With new content in constant development, Edwin has various educational games to help your child learn and grow!  Read more about just how interactive Edwin can be on the Edwin the Duck website.

Song Time

Watch Edwin on the screen as he dances and sings some of his original songs.  Edwin helps your child to learn their shapes.  As your child grows and learns more, Edwin’s content grows as well. 

Sleepy Time

When the day is over and it is time for bed, let Edwin snuggle up with your child as he sings lullabies and acts as an LED nightlight.  I know my kids go to sleep better with a soft glow in the room.

At night I play classical music for my kids to help lull them to sleep.  Not only can Edwin play his own lullabies but he acts as a speaker, connecting to the Bluetooth on your smartphone or tablet.  I love this!  There have been many nights that I have had leave my phone in their room so music can play, now I don’t have to.  I can stream the music through Edwin for them!

Makes Bath Time So Much Fun!


Edwin will go everywhere your child goes, including the tub!  Rubber duckies are meant for bath time and Edwin is no different.  He is waterproof, so he can join your kids in the tub or pool!  Edwin will also be sure the water is not too hot for your kiddos, he has a built in thermometer.  I admit, I was a bit skeptical of this, I didn’t want to ruin Edwin, but it is true!  Check out the website for more info on how he is waterproof.

My kids are a few years apart, yet Edwin is great for both of them.  We love having Edwin in our home!  We look forward to new stories and songs from Edwin.  They love playing with Edwin together.  My daughter is old enough to know her way around the app and my son loves to hold Edwin and listen to the stories and music!

I can’t wait for you have Edwin in your home!  Your kids will truly love him, and so will you.   Go to the Edwin the Duck website to learn more about what Edwin can do.  He is waiting for you to bring him home!

Would you kids love this fun, interactive toy? What features do you like most about Edwin the Duck?

26 thoughts on “Meet Edwin the Duck: The Smartest Rubber Ducky on the Planet!”

  1. My sister-in-law has the most extensive rubber duck collection ever. But I know she doesn’t have anything in her collection like this. Edwin sounds like such a neat toy!

  2. Sabrina @ Dinner, then Dessert

    I love that toys and games for toddlers are getting so much more interactive! They really need all the help they can get in developing spatial reasoning skills!

  3. Edwin the Duck is pretty awesome! I love the Sleepy Time setting and that he is also a speaker! We keep music playing all night – going to have to look into this!

  4. Oh wow, I just love the sounds of Edwin! Such a cute idea, and he sounds like he can do just about anything. Also the baby pics are so darn sweet! Thank you for writing such an indepth review, it was very enjoyable to read!

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