Give Meaningful Gifts of Hope This Holiday Season! #PlanGOH

The holidays can be a stressful time for us. Between searching for the hottest hard-to-find toy of the season to baking up a storm in the kitchen, it’s easy to get wrapped up in the hustle and bustle of our own whirlwind of activity. Yet for many people around the world, shopping for toys and baking delicious cookies is the furthest thing from their mind. For those in less fortunate nations, the holiday season is much like any other season: a time to survive another day on the limited supplies that they have.

Feeling guilty? Don’t! The holidays shouldn’t make us feel guilty because we may live in better circumstances that others. It should inspire us to find ways to include those less fortunate in our generosity. This holiday season, Gifts of Hope can help you do just that. Each purchase from Gifts of Hope goes to buying real items that help real people around the globe.


Say you buy a goat. Now, I know what you’re thinking: a goat for Christmas? Well, that goat may seem like a strange gift to you, but to a family in the developing world, it can provide valuable nutritious milk. That goat can also help train families in caring for the animal and allow them to breed their own goats.

Want your gift to go even further? Consider one of the matched gifts from Gifts of Hope. These gifts are matched by a government or foundation. For example, if you purchase a food basket through the program for $50, it will be matched to a total value of $400! Different items are matched at different rates. Some gifts can be matched up to 15 times the amount you pay!

When you purchase through Gifts of Hope, you’ll have the option to send a personalized greeting card or eCard to the person you’re purchasing on behalf of. So if you decide to give literacy training to two women on behalf of your book-loving best friend, you can send her a card to let her know about the gift.

These gifts are amazing ways to help give back to the community, but what about those times when you really want to give a physical gift to a recipient? Gifts of Hope has gorgeous merchandise that supports different causes while also allowing you to give a physical gift. For example, we recently told you about the Because I am a Girl initiative. Gifts of Hope has fun, funky hoodies and t-shirts featuring the Because I am a Girl logo and a gorgeous “Dream” pendant by BIRKS and Jennifer Heil that support that initiative. You can also combine gifts. Purchase a goat for a family in need, then buy a cute plush goat to give to your child. When they unwrap their plush goat, take the opportunity to talk to them about how this gift also helped a child on the other side of the world.
The great thing about Gifts of Hope is that they offer gifts designed to fit any budget. For as little as $10, you can give a family bed nets to help protect against malaria-carrying mosquitos while they sleep. Have more to spend? For $10,000, give a mom-to-be a safe place to wait for her due date with a Maternal Waiting Home. This gift is matched to a total value of $40,000! Of course, there are plenty of great gifts in between the high and low price ranges. Remember, these ethical gifts give twice- once at home and once abroad.

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  2. Love this post! What a great cause indeed!!! We sponsor a few families at the children’s hospital during the holidays and we pass out blankets and MC Donald cards.

  3. Absolutely love this! I did a similar charity last Christmas where we gave a family a sheep and it was so rewarding. I will check into this one for this year! <3 great share!

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