5 Fun Gifts for Kids Who Love to Bake


Have you noticed that more and more kids are learning to bake at a younger age than ever before? Popular TV shows on Food Network prove it. These shows get stellar ratings and are SO much fun to watch. Encourage your child’s culinary aspirations with a few fun gifts for kids who love to bake! These are perfect for just about all skill levels. Just make sure you supervise (or even better, join in!) the fun in the kitchen.

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Gifts for Kids Who Love to Bake

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American Girl Baking: Recipes for Cookies, Cupcakes & More

For kids who love hanging out in the kitchen, it’s never too early to start a cookbook collection. American Girl Baking: Recipes for Cookies, Cupcakes & More is a great title to add to the list. The book features beautiful photos and easy-to-follow instructions.


These aren’t just “throw together” recipes that you might expect in a children’s cookbook. Every recipe teaches real-life skills necessary to be a successful baker. Peanut Butter Brownies, Strawberry Cheesecake Cupcakes, Orange Madeleines, Blueberry Turnovers and Lemony Cookie Flower Pops are just a few of the many yummy options to choose from. Hardcover. 96 pages.

MasterChef Junior Cooking Essentials Set

A new season of MasterChef Junior is slated to air in February 2017. Because of the popularity of the show, there’s now a line of baking products to promote it. This nine-piece essential cooking set features real cookware that’s perfect for young bakers in training.


It includes a cutting board, measuring spoons and cups, a spatula, a mixing bowl, tongs, a matching apron and more. All of the cooking tools have non-slip handles and are kid-safe to boot. Recipe cards are also included.

Easy-Bake Ultimate Oven

Easy-Bake Ovens have been around since 1963. Although the look has changed several times, over the years, these ovens still provide little chefs with hours of baking fun.


This ultimate oven comes complete with a baking pan and the tool to remove it from the oven, several pre-packaged mixes, rainbow sugar crystals and an instruction guide. A wide variety of additional mixes and Easy-Bake Oven accessories are available separately. No assembly required.

Moose Toys Chocolate Bar Maker

What kid doesn’t love chocolate? Thanks to the Moose Toys Chocolate Bar Maker kids can make their own delectable candy bars at home. How cool is that? Simply melt chocolate and pour into the included molds. Add things like candy, nuts, melted caramel… almost anything goes!


The kit also includes candy bar wrappers, chocolate stamps, and a decorating pen. All of these things allow kids to get extra creative in the kitchen.

Curious Chef 17-Piece Measure & Prep Kit

This really cool measure & prep kit, by Curious Chef, is a must-have collection of real kitchen tools that makes learning to measure fun. The set includes color-coded measuring cups and spoons, three prep bowls, a large spoon, timer, shopping list and stickers.


All the tools are dishwasher safe and perfect for kids ages five and up. Sturdy grips make it all that much easier for little hands to stay in control. There’s absolutely no reason that adults can’t use them as well.

These gifts for kids who love to bake are a good representation of available options. But, remember, this only scratches the surface. If you have a favorite little chef or chefs in your life, why not get them something they’ll love? You might even get a yummy surprise out of the deal!

Do you have any other great ideas for gifts for kids who love to bake? Share in the comments!


10 thoughts on “5 Fun Gifts for Kids Who Love to Bake”

  1. My daughter loves helping me out in the kitchen and baking too! I’m sure she would love Moose Toys Chocolate Bar Maker and Curious Chef 17-Piece Measure & Prep Kit too!

  2. Great baking materials. My kids loves to bake and cook. They’ve been dreaming someday they will be a chef. Perfect gift for them. Awesome!

  3. The Easy-Bake Oven has come such a long way since we were kids! I’m 41 years old and honestly, I’d still play with it, lol!

  4. We have a a channel, here in India, called Living Foodz. The usually show kids cooking different dishes with perfection. Amazing to see how kids are not only taking part in making food, but also enjoying it.

  5. There’s nothing better than supporting their passion! I love these gift ideas! These will definitely help encourage kids to bake more!

  6. Wow! I never knew so much existed for kids to bake with. I have heard of the Easy-Bake Oven. I had one as a kid. But, the others on this list are new to me. Thanks for telling me about them.

  7. faith stephenson

    wow! i really need this one! kids will surely love and enjoy this, even moms will love this one too! thanks for sharing

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