Add a Colorful Twist to Your Child’s Accessories with Crayola Creations Thread Wrapper #ThreadWrapper

Looking for a great gift idea for girls? Check out my review of the new Crayola Creations Thread Wrapper and see how much fun my daughter had with it! It's the perfect holiday gift for girls who love to craft!
If you are looking for the perfect gift idea for girls this upcoming holiday season, you need to add the Crayola Creations Thread Wrapper to your list. This new product is so cool and will breathe new life into all those accessories hanging out in your daughter’s room.


My 8-year-old daughter was super excited to try it! It gave her hours of joy and allowed her to decorate so many accessories. In fact, she used it so much, I had to run out and buy more thread! And because girls this age have LOTS of BFFs, she invited hers over for a thread party. I didn’t have the chance to take pictures of the party, but it was s nice to see them playing and threading.

Before we get to the review, I want to note that I am not gender discriminating. I don’t have an 8-year-old boy so I can’t offer a boy’s perspective. I am sharing opinions from a girl’s one. It all depends on the child, their personal tastes, etc. 

Now let’s how my daughter LOVES this Thread Wrapper product by Crayola.

Thread Wrapper Review 

Thread Wrapper: What’s In the Box and What Do You Need?


This new Crayola product comes with the following items:

  • Motorized thread
  • 6 spools of thread
  • 1 Fabric marker
  • 2 empty spools

What you need

  • 3 AA batteries. I always have these on hand! I think it’s one of those things every parent should stock up on, or we risk temper tantrums!
  • Extra thread, because your child will love it so much that she needs extra to bring life to her old accessories!
  • Scissors to cut the thread

Thread Wrapper review:


My daughter was excited to open the box. The Thread Wrapper is fairly easy to set up. She managed to fix the spools to the motorized thread without any help. She easily read the directions provided by the booklet. She did not want any help. The booklet had an easy writing style as well as lots of pictures to guide her. I just helped her with the batteries because we needed a screwdriver.



Once the Thread Wrapper was all set up, she chose the accessories she wanted to style first. She started with her watch. She wrapped the thread and started threading. Then she cut it. She was so excited about it that she did the same for her pens and hairbrush. They turned out so cute!



Here is a video of her using the Thread Wrapper:


Then she wanted to wrap other pens for her friends but we ran out. I had to go to the dollar store to get extra ones. It was hours of pleasure for her.

A few days later, she had her friends over and they had fun customizing their accessories. Since we had only one motorized thread, I had to make sure each girl spent the same amount of time with the product.

Let’s take another look at this awesome gift for girls! Check out the demo video from Crayola to get another perspective:



The Thread Wrapper by Crayola instantly became my daughter’s favourite toy. She managed to accessorize one of my pens, her dad’s, even her brother’s. If you are looking for the perfect gift idea for girls this upcoming holiday season, make sure to add Thread Wrapper to your list. Your child will love it!

What accessory would your daughter love to rejuvenate with Thread Wrapper? Tell us below!

Disclosure: This post is brought to you by Crayola. All opinions are mine



27 thoughts on “Add a Colorful Twist to Your Child’s Accessories with Crayola Creations Thread Wrapper #ThreadWrapper”

  1. My daughter told me the other day that our house needed a little more sparkle. I”m not sure I”m ready to cover the house in glitter, but I think this thread wrapper would be a fun way to add a little flair!

  2. Okay I actually love this! What a fun way to make everyday items something that is personalized and more in tune with your childs personality — the best part they can safely do it themselves!

  3. Sabrina @ Dinner, then Dessert

    I love toys that let kids decorate and be creative! Making something really helps kids feel like they’ve accomplished something!

  4. This is so cool! My daughter loves everything Crayola and I can definitely see this under our tree this holiday season. Did I mention the video of your daughter is absolutely adorable and kinda made me want to play with the Thread Wrapper as well? LOVE IT!

  5. This looks like so much fun! My little girl is only 5, and this is probably a little advanced for her – but she would LOVE to have me help her with it. And it’s a really cool idea – so many craft kits are “same old, same old.”

    I also love that you mention this is great for boys or girls :) Because I know my nephew would love something like this too!

  6. I totally know a little girl that would love this. I have boys, but I watch a little girl and she does this all the time with shoe laces. I am going to have to tell her mom about this for a christmas gift.

  7. This is pretty fun, I’ve seen some sophisticated designs with the thread wrapper. I love that it’s simple enough for younger girls to do and enjoy, but offers creativity and freedom for the older ones to experiment and grow.

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