Why I think the Honda CR-V is a great family car, #GoHondaCRV

The trip to Sacacomie was amazing but the car was even better! As a hockey mom and a road tripper, a comfortable and a spacious car are my top priorities! I was well served with the HondaCRV! It is spacious, comfortable and on top of that it’s fuel efficient.

Honda CR-V Review

As a mom the following features are important for me:

  • Comfort/Space
  • Fuel Efficient
  • Security

Let’s see how the Honda CR-V ranks for these features

1- Comfort and Storage

We had to load the car with an inflatable boat, a hockey bag, a hockey stick, 3 suitcases, a cooler, a car seat! I was suspicious but it worked pretty well!

Compartment: When we were on our 3,700 road trip, we had many snacks, bottles of water, toys, books. Our car is lacking those compartments! The Honda CR-V had numerous ones

Front seats are very comfortable. I am a petite person but my co-blogger is not. She was comfortably seated.

The back seats can fit THREE car seats! I didn’t have the opportunity to test it but it is a great feature for any family. Even if I don’t have 3 kids, it can happen sometimes that I need 3 car seats when I go for an outings with my nephews and nieces


You press on a button and the back seats lay down! You can even choose to lay only one seat which we did.

Ranking: 5 stars for room and comfort.

2- Fuel Efficient

The Honda CR-V has the Econ feature. If you press the button, it will cut the energy consumption. It means that it will reduce a/c consumption, speed, etc. It is great when you are driving in the city but not on a highway.

Ranking: 5 stars too.


The Honda CR-V has a built-in navigation system. As a family of road trippers, this is a huge addition. It will be also useful in the city! I find it is a great security option as you don’t get lost in nowhere land.

It is an automatic 4 wheel drive. It adjusts to the road condition. You don’t need to action any button. It is great for winter condition!

Back up sensor: This is a great feature for me! I always look over both shoulders but it is very convenient to have a view on the rear end. Who knows when one of the kids will jump, run or ride his bike.

Ranking: 5 stars.

 Some Features of Honda CR-V: LX 2WD: $25,990

5 speed automatic transmission
  • Rear privacy-tinted glass
  • 16” styled steel wheels
  • Vehicle Stability Assist (VSA®) with Traction Control
  • Easy fold-down 60/40 split rear seatback
  • HandsFreeLink– bilingual Bluetooth® wireless mobile phone interface

(Source: Honda Canada website).

Final Thoughts

It is a great family car for road trips, for the city. It is fuel-efficient and comfortable. As a petite, I always need a cushion so I can see better but I don’t need it in the CR-V. The seats are adjustable and I could drive in safety. If you are looking for a safe car where you can load your grocery, bags and hockey bags, this is for you!

Disclosure: No compensation was received from Honda Canada. All opinions are ours.


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  1. Thank you for such a great review. We love Honda and this car is on my list for when my van finally dies. I no longer need the bigger van, but this looks like it would be the perfect size!

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