Take Back Your Bladder Control with Depend®

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Many women experience bladder control issues at some point in their life.  Although we tend to associate it with something to deal with in our later years, bladder control issues can happen at any time. Some women experience it quite frequently during pregnancy, while others after menopause. Even things like stress or illness can cause it.

I recently had a hysterectomy. I’ve heard many women say that after such a surgery, the bladder “drops” and bladder control issues can become a problem. Apparently the uterus is like a little shelf for your bladder.  While I haven’t experienced any issues yet, it is something I think about. If it ever does become an issue, at least I know I can depend on Depend®.

Take back your bladder control with Depend®

When it comes to bladder control issues, most women rely on feminine care products-or nothing at all-to manage those leaks because they don’t think incontinence products are for them.  Depend® has a wide variety of products to help you take back your control. These include:

  • Depend® with Fit-Flex™ Protection- a comfortable, smooth fit thanks to its added LYCRA® strands. It’s shaped like your body for a more discreet fit!
  •  Depend® Real Fit and Silhouettes have cotton-like fabric creates a smooth fit under your clothes. It also feels soft against the skin.
  •  Depend® Seat Protectors let you protect your furniture in style with its super absorbent material and upholstery look.
  •  Depend® Bed Protectors create a barrier between you and your mattress in case of night-time issues. They’re made with a soft, cloth-like fabric, so they protect your bed without keeping you up all night with annoying sounds.

Take a look at what other women are saying about Depend®.

With so many great Depend® products, it’s easier for you to feel confident! Bladder control issues can happen to any woman. Isn’t it time to take back your control?

Do you have any tips on dealing with bladder control issues?

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6 thoughts on “Take Back Your Bladder Control with Depend®”

  1. It seems now, at my age, the flight to the bathroom seems much longer every day. I am very glad, that depends has given itself an over haul. Thank You for your review :)

  2. The Depends have sure come a long way over the years. I’m impressed at how small they seem and fit with they LYCRA. This isn’t an issue with us but love your ideas.

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