SIBU BEAUTY Products Made My Skin Glow

SIBU BEAUTY recently sent me a few items to review.  I already have a regular skin care routine and must-have products that rarely ever change.  Lately I’ve noticed my skin is changing.  There could be a few reasons for this.  I’m no spring chicken anymore (I’m closer to forty than 30) and winter has really done a deal on my cheeks and forehead.  When I was pregnant (three years ago) friends, family, and even strangers raved about my glowing skin.  Really, I could boast about a clear, rosy complexion for most of my life.

Shortly after I brought my daughter home, I was faced with more than just the normal changes that come with adding a baby to our home.  My skin felt and looked as though it belonged to a stranger.  Skin care was always a priority, but my usual products had to be re-evaluated to meet the new skin I was left with dry skin in some patches, oily in others, and larger pores, with a few laugh lines.My usual exfoliating scrub and lotion hasn’t helped clear up the rough, red patches.  So I hoped that trying a new type of beauty product would help me.  After living with and using SIBU Beauty it is clear to me that they are dedicated to creating quality, natural products that really live up to their claims.

What SIBU Beauty products did I test?

I was sent three natural products to use. Each one has a different purpose and has buckthorn, or the “beauty berry”, as its main ingredient.  I love that the products came with a foil seal under the cap. This showed me that SIBU Beauty values freshness.  I also love that they DON”T test on animals and have the cruelty free seal.

Exfoliating Scrub $17.95- Is meant to be used once or twice a week on cleansed skin. But is not to be used the same day as the Purifying Mask.  It is supposed to removed oil from clogged pores while leaving your skin smooth.

Clarifying Toner $24.95- Can be used every day on cleansed skin. It is meant to be sprayed or dabbed on your skin to your skin feel firm and “help keep natural moisture” for up to six hours.

Purifying Mask $29.95- Can be used once or twice a week, but not the same day as the Exfoliating Scrub.  It promised to absorb toxins and help scrub off dead skin cells to “reveal youthful radiance”.

What is Sea Buckthorn and why does SIBU Beauty use it?

“Introducing Sibu Beauty, premium skin care products made from the Himalayan sea buckthorn berry. Known as the “beauty berry” across Europe and Asia, sea buckthorn contains over 190 bioactive compounds that restore, revitalize, and protect youthful beauty – from the inside-out AND outside-in. Sibu Beauty features luxurious natural skin cleansers, moisturizes, and other topical treatments as well as dietary supplements that beautify and protect from the inside-out..” Find more about Sea Buckthorn and Sea Buckthorn oil benefits in this great article.

Did SIBU Beauty’s buckthorn work for me?

On first touch, SIBU Exfoliating Scrub with sea buckthorn and apricot was really different than my usual brand, the grains were more coarse.  In comparison my old brand of exfoliating scrub looks like plastic shavings when held up next to SIBU.

Directions for use: Cleanse your skin and apply a small amount of exfoliating scrub to your fingertips. Rub in a gentle circular motion, being careful to avoid the eye area. Rinse with warm water.  I recommend using this scrub in the shower because I found it needs a lot of rinsing.  I made the mistake of rubbing it too close to my hairline and ended up going to work with exfoliating granules in my hair.  But it was worth it to have the instant feeling of smooth, hydrated skin.


SIBU Purifying Mask has a pleasant, natural sent much the same as the exfoliator.

Directions for use: Cleanse your skin, apply a small even layer of Purifying Mask to your face, wait up to 10 minutes, rinse product away with warm water. I did notice that this purifying mask was lifting off make up that my cleanser hadn’t removed.

SIBU Clarifying Toner has a different smell than the previous two products I tried.  It’s not perfumed, but is not quite as neutral.  This product is recommended for use after cleansing and anytime during the day that you feel like having a fresh burst of hydration.  I like the handy spray bottle that can easily fit in my purse or make up bag when I’m on the go.

What is my verdict?

SIBU BEAUTY products made this 30 something mom glow.  I noticed changes in my skin from the first use, and continued to see improvement right up to today.  I even used the Scrub on my hands a few times after a messy painting day at work.  The rough patches have gone, my complexion is clear, I think my skin type is now normal, as opposed to the dry/oily state it was in two weeks ago.   I would recommend these products, and will continue to use the SIBU exfoliation Scrub.  Though I still don’t get the purpose of the Toner.  With Mother’s Day around the corner I am planning on treating myself to the Omega-7 chocolates, Body Cream, and Facial Cleanser.

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Disclosure:  I received free items for the purpose of the review.  All opinions remain honest and my own.

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  1. Lisa,

    I also have sensitive skin. Natural for us is always the best way to go. Let us know here at OFW how the products work for you. Hope you read our other article on the benefits of Sea Buckthorn oil. This oil is quite unique.

  2. Hi LaQuita,

    Yes it’s a great company. If you get a chance, also read our article on the benefits of Sea Buckthorn Oil. When taken internally there also some great benefits. However, we would be talking about taking the capsule or similar tablet form. Have a great weekend!

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