Puffs Fresh Faces Puts Your Best Face Forward

We received a complimentary of Puffs Fresh Faces to facilitate this review. All opinions are our own.


As a teenager, I was fortunate to have great skin. Yes,I was that annoying girl who whined about a single monthly pimple while friends around me were dealing with major breakouts. In retrospect, I feel a little guilty! As I got older, my skin remained pretty decent, with an occasional breakout here and there. I started using special face washes, convinced I needed them to stave off what I assumed had to be my impending “bad acne’ days ahead. I think I sabotaged myself though! It seems like I started getting more breakouts after using the special anti-acne face wash!

I did some research. While I didn’t find any actual studies to support my hypothesis, I read about others getting acne from these special face washes. In my unscientific opinion, washing with a product that isn’t meant for your skin can actually cause more problems. I came to the conclusion that going back to the very simple (okay, back then it was more about lazy than simple) regimen of my high school years. I wash my face with water or a light, mild makeup remover.

When the opportunity to try Puffs Fresh Faces came up, I was really looking forward to it. I’ve been using Boogie Wipes for over a year now to remove eye makeup and freshen up my skin. Puffs Fresh Faces were actually born out of a brilliant partnership between Little Busy Bodies- the makers of Boogie Wipes- and Proctor & Gamble. The talented moms who created Boogie Wipes saw the need for a more grown-up version of their saline wipes, and Puffs just seemed like the natural choice! I received a great gift box in the mail from Puffs Fresh Faces! Check it out!


I love the Puffs Fresh Faces wipes! I am already a loyal user of Puffs for all my tissue needs. Both my son and I have bad seasonal allergies, so I think I do my part to keep them in business from May through October! In fact, I’m in the middle of a sneezing fit as I type this! Thank goodness for the backspace key, or you’d be seeing some really crazy random letters through in here!

Benefits of Using Puffs Fresh Faces


Take a look at a few reasons why Puffs Fresh Faces is a new part of my daily routine!

  • Puffs Fresh Faces wipes are so gentle, even on my sensitive skin! Like I said, I’ve been a long-time fan of Puffs because their tissues don’t wreak havoc on my nose when I’m blowing it every five minutes. They carried that same high quality combination of softness and strength over to the Puffs Fresh Faces line of wipes.
  • Saline is a great gentle cleanser with many health benefits. It cleans and lightly exfoliates and rehydrates skin as the same time. Check out more benefits of saline at Saline Clean.
  • Puffs Fresh Face wipes also contain aloe and vitamin E, both of which are amazing for your skin!
  • They come in convenient sizes. Grab a small pack to keep in your purse for freshening up on the go and stash a large box in your bathroom for your daily routine.
  • They feel so refreshing, especially on a hot summer day!
  • Perfect for removing eye makeup. They even work on my water-proof mascara. You know, the kind you usually need a sandblaster to remove?

Puffs Fresh Faces will be offered in four styles: Light Lavender, fragrance-free, Fresh Scent and-my personal favorite for when I have a cold- with a touch of Vicks. You can pick up a 15-count package for $1.99 or a 45-count in a nice box for $4.99. To learn more about where to find them, visit the Puffs Fresh Faces website. Follow on Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest to keep up with news and special promotions!

Exciting news about Puffs Fresh Faces and OurFamilyWorld Bags!

Puffs Fresh Faces will be partnering with OurFamilyWorld Bags! Soon, when you order one of our sling bags, you’ll receive free samples of Puffs Fresh Faces in addition to the great samples we already offer!

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6 thoughts on “Puffs Fresh Faces Puts Your Best Face Forward”

  1. I never knew about Puffs having this line in their products. I am excited to find out. I really love Puffs Plus tissues and use them whenever I am sick. They are the only ones that don’t make my nose sore. I am going to try this. Thanks for sharing.

  2. I too, have wondered if using acne products has caused me more problems in the past for me, I don’t know that it caused acne but it definitely seems to have caused sensitivity or irritation as I think the chemicals are just too strong for my face sometimes.

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