Pampers® & Walmart Team Up to Donate to Children’s Miracle Network

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During the month of June, Pampers® and Walmart are partnering up to help donate $200,000 to the Children’s Miracle Network. If you don’t already know about them, the Children’s Miracle Network provides care for millions of kids every year. In fact, 1 in 10 kids in North America receives treatment because of them. Member hospitals treat about 10 million kids each year!

My son spent 13 days in the hospital when he was born 8 weeks early. To say that it was a trying time is an understatement. I was lucky, my child was considered a “feeder/grower” baby, meaning he was fine other than being very small and unable to eat on his own. They fed him, they grew him, they sent him home with me. It was a bit more complicated than that, but you get the gist.


I remember the first time I changed his diaper. He was in an isolette (many call them incubators). Do you know how hard it is to put a diaper on a baby through the hand holes in those things? I took too long. The result? A very messy, wet isolette! After some practice, I became much better at it. I learned fast that with boys, you have to be quick!

Thankfully, I had Walmart and Pampers to help me practice! Did you know that they now have a Huge Box? I wish they had that when my son was tiny! The Pampers® Huge Box includes more than 100 diapers! Of course, babies grow fast, so it is available in a variety of sizes. Get your Huge Box of diapers from Walmart and you’ll not only be saving money, you will also be supporting the Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals.A heartbeat this small needs a Huge Box that makes a difference.

The Children’s Miracle Network is so important because it helps moms have those special Mommy Moments that they may not otherwise have if their child didn’t have access to medical treatment.

My Mommy Moment: Holding My Son For the First Time

My biggest Mommy Moment was the first time I held my son. Before he was born, I had this “movie birth” image in my head. I’d scream, I’d push, he’d come out, I’d hold him and look joyfully at his precious little face. I never imagined that I’d be giving birth via emergency c-section at 32 weeks, that he’d be whisked away before I barely had a chance to look at his face. I never imagined that I wouldn’t get to hold him for the first time for nearly two days after he was born.

That first moment, holding him, was one of the best Mommy Moments to date. I was puffy from my preeclampsia, no makeup and dressed in sweat pants, but it’s still one of my favorite pictures of the two of us together.


Again, I am one of the lucky ones. I knew moms who didn’t get to hold their baby for weeks, some even months! I know moms who held their babies for years, then something tragic happened and they lost that chance. That’s why the Children’s Miracle Network is so important to me. I know how deeply meaningful it is to hold your child. The Children’s Miracle Network does so much to make sure no mom ever has to know what it is like to have empty arms. I love that Walmart and Pampers® are there to help.

What is your favorite Mommy Moment with your children? Tell us in the comments!





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9 thoughts on “Pampers® & Walmart Team Up to Donate to Children’s Miracle Network”

  1. My Daughter Used To Hold Onto My Fingers & Love To Play With My Fingernails She Was Fascinated By Them It Was Adorable! Kudos To Walmart & Pamper For A Great Cause!

  2. What a great cause for Pampers and Walmart to get involved with! My best mommy moment will always be that first second I got to see each of them, still remember the look in their eyes when they saw me for the first time.

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