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I have suffered from acne during my teen years mostly because of my oily skin! Although many people told me that I was lucky because oily skin ages at a slower rate than other types. As teenager, you do not care about aging! You care only about your looks and you don’t like having a face with red spots and large pores.

With the years, the acne improved but the oily skin remained. I get occasional acne on certain days. I tried many products but most of them left my skin feeling taut and dehydrated! It is kind of funny but for oily skin you need oil based products! They will dissolve the sebum effectively.

Products Provided

When I got the opportunity to review Oxy products, I jumped on the occasion! I was provided with a wide selection for different types of skins. It included:

 Cleansers:For dry skin as well as oily ones


 Pads: Medicated acne pads.  Clinically proven to work continuously for 24 hours to fight acne and OXY Spot Gel/Treatment: Acne Vanishing Treatment


My review

Cleansers: My skin felt so soft after! It did not feel dehydrated at all! This cleanser does not make a lot of foam, which makes it easier to wash! My husband (who has a combination skin : some areas are oily some not) tried the triple action daily cleansers. His skin felt so good after! It feels clean and fresh, he told me. The triple action cleanser works in 3 ways : it cleans, treats and prevents acne.

Pads:  My husband travels a lot! Since his business trips are no longer than two days, he packs one suitcase that he brings on board on an airplane. With all the airport security checks, he cannot bring liquids or gels more than 100ml. He found the Oxy Pad very handy as they can pass the security check easily. They are also very efficient: clean well and feel good on the skin.

Emergency spot gel: This my son’s favorite. He is turning 11 in few weeks and he has some acne. He tried this gel on one of his pimples and it worked well.


Disclosure: I am participating in a Mom Central Consulting campaign for OXY and receive compensation for my post. All opinions on this blog are my own

3 thoughts on “Oxy Clear It Up Review”

  1. Thanks for the review and heads up about the contest. I entered it and liked them on FB! I totally need the pads as I must admit sometimes I get lazy and don’t like to do a full face wash…I would however have no hesitation about using the pads nightly!

  2. I used to use Oxy pads when I was a teenager. I didn’t really have issues with acne, but I had the odd blemish around *that time of the month*! I know quite a few of my friends used Oxy products religiously when in high school and still do now.

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