Kajeet Phones Help You Keep Track of Your Busy Kids This Summer!

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kajeet-phones-track-kidsSummer vacation is finally here! After an extended school year due to a crazy amount of days off for snow, it feels like we’ve been waiting forever for this time to come! If your kids are like mine, summer means playing with friends in the neighborhood, going on sleepovers and basically just being on the go. This, of course, means worrying on our part. Even if our kids are with our most trusted friends and family, there is always this feeling when they’re out of site. While nothing can completely get rid of that feeling, Kajeet phones helps knock the worry down a few notches.

Let me tell you a little story to illustrate my complete parenting paranoia. A few years ago, I took my son on a cruise with my aunt, uncle and cousin. Back then, I had a basic little flip phone. My son used it to call my mom and his dad whenever we were in port.


Here’s the funny part of the story. We were in St. Thomas and getting ready to head back to the ship. Jacob was exhausted. My aunt was tired and ready to get back on. We had an hour before we left port. I had one more thing I wanted to buy, so my aunt offered to take Jake back on with her.

The moment he got on that ship without me, I started panicking. I raced to buy the one last thing, then ran back to the ship. I was terrified that somehow I’d miss the boat and my baby would sail away without me! I was worried that I’d get back to the ship and not be able to find him. What if he wandered off? What if he fell overboard? What if I fell down, bumped my head, was taken to a hospital and missed the boat? What if, what if, what if? He was with my aunt, a woman who took care of ME quite often when I was younger. A woman that I completely trust. Yet I was still terrified of losing my kid.

Fast forward four years, my son is now 9 and starting to explore the neighborhood a bit more. He wants to start walking home from the bus stop next year too. He wants more freedom. I want him to never leave my sight. With Kajeet phones, we can compromise a bit. He can have some more freedom and I can track his every movement! It’s basically the next best thing to implanting a tracker in your kid, and FAR less creepy!

Kajeet Phones: Keep Track of Your Kids Wherever They Go

The wonderful thing about Kajeet phones is that they’re fully functioning devices, not “kiddie” phones, they won’t make your “big kid” feel like a baby. Kajeet has a variety of devices, from a basic handset to the one thing my son wants most right now- a smartphone. He’s not getting one until I get one though!

All Kajeet phones come with a GPS Phone Locator right out of the box. This means you don’t have to download any fancy apps to get it to work. Use that GPS Phone Locator to keep track of your child’s whereabouts. It is included in all service plans starting at $24.99 a month. You can also run it on demand for $0.99 each time. That’s great for when your kids are only occasionally out of site, or for times when you go to, say, an amusement park together and get split up.

Getting a Kajeet phone is as simple as visiting the Kajeet website. You can also  Bring Your Own Sprint® Device to Kajeet to get the service. Just check to make sure your device is eligible on the Kajeet website. With such affordable plans and great phone options, Kajeet makes it so much easier to keep track of your busy kids this summer. You can even schedule regular check-ins. Like, if your child has swim practice once a week, tell Kajeet you want to know every week at that time where your child is. It will automatically run and give you the report.

How would you use Kajeet phones to keep track of your kids?




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13 thoughts on “Kajeet Phones Help You Keep Track of Your Busy Kids This Summer!”

  1. Hmm I’ll definitely look into this when the time comes. It’s a great alternative to a smart phone.

  2. Rebecca Swenor

    This sounds like a great phone for kids and it is perfect with the parental control. The GPS is the biggest seller for me if I were look for a phone for my child. Thanks for sharing.

  3. This is really a great phone.. we need to make sure our kids are where they say they are sometimes.. My son has an iPhone so i can find him whenever i want..

  4. I do not have children yet, but this seems like a great way to help with the day-to-day life of a mom! Thank you for sharing this–I will have to pin it for the future :)

  5. This would have been a great device to have when my children were younger. Will have to pass the information onto my daughter for my grand baby!

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