Cue Cards For Life: Gentle Reminders For Better Relationships

Book Title: Cue Cards For Life: Gentle Reminders For Better Relationships.

Author: Christina Steinorth (MA, MFT)

Who hasn’t needed a little advice when it comes to relationships?  Whether it is guidance in how to communicate with your boss or co-worker ~ or help in diffusing marital squabbles.  When I was given the book Cue Cards for a review opportunity, I wondered if it would be just another self-help book.  After reading 80% of the book, just being honest here, I realized that is anything but that.  I would call it a must-read for anyone that needs a little help with communication tips to build better relationships.

The premise of Cue Cards For Life.

While working as a Licensed Psychotherapist, Steinorth developed a set of practical tools, or Cue Cards.  These cue cards are meant to help her clients experience growth and change during the therapy session.  They also become a tangible resource for the client to take with them and apply to their daily lives.

Cue Cards For Life is practical.

The contents list covers just about any relationship you may have and need guidance with.  Language throughout the entire book is user-friendly ~no clinical jargon that you would need a medical degree to decipher.


1.The Basics

2. Cue Cards For Love Relationships.

3. Engagements, Weddings, Babies, In-Laws & All things Family

4. Cue Cards for Parents With Teens.

5. Cue Cards For Mending Bridges.

6. Cue Cards for Interacting with Aging Parents.

7. Cue Cards in the Workplace.

8. Cue Cards for Friends, Parties and Social Events.

Cue Cards For Life is helping my marriage.

I married my college sweetheart and am approaching my thirteenth wedding anniversary in 2012.  Some would say “Luck Number 13”, but I would say that we nearly didn’t make to number 11, or 12.  We had reached a crisis point in the first year after our daughter was born and found ourselves having the same silly arguments over and over again.  After enough repetition, these disagreements wore us down. Our relationship status went from married couple to roommates that barely spoke.  With support from some friends experienced in counseling and hard work on our parts, we are reforming the way we speak to each other.  Cue Cards gave me a much needed reminder from the first section and in the cue cards that followed.

 “To be a good conversationalist, you must be a good listener.”

“ When another person is speaking to you, do not interrupt.”

“Do not finish the sentences of others.”

These reminders made alarm bells sound off in my head.  I am guilty of all three of these faux-pas. Not only in my marriage, but with friends and co-workers, clients too.  I have been working hard on squishing my impulse to interrupt.  And have seen some improvement in conversations with the people I care about most.

Final Thoughts:

Cue Cards is a simplified , step by step guide to building communication skills.  It is not a self- help book, but a practical tool that can help you through the pitfalls that can affect many relationships in your life.  Steinorth expressed her desire to write more books in this same theme.  I look forward to reading the next books that may eventually make up the Cue Cards For Life series.

Here what one of its readers wrote about this book: After reading this book I feel a lot more aware of my behavior around other people. I feel as though it’s a great tool for helping to maintain or repair relationships of all kinds


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*I received a galley copy of the book to aid in my review.  All opinions remain honest and my own.  Please keep in mind that the final version may differ when it gets through publication, some content may change. 

8 thoughts on “Cue Cards For Life: Gentle Reminders For Better Relationships”

  1. Thank you all so much for your nice comments and support! This is my first book, so I was really nervous about getting a review–your feedback makes me unbelievably happy. Thank you! And a big Thank You to Amy Dell for such a nice review! If anyone has any questions, please just ask…

  2. I definitely recommend it. I’ve recently used Cue Cards to help with an awkward social predicament I found myself in. Thanks for reading my post I really appreciate sharing your valuable time with me.

  3. What a fun idea!! My husband and I could really use some cue cards for our relationship, although he would probably say I needed them more. I would probably agree. ;)

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