Bourjois Paris Make Up Review: I Found Glamour In A Tube

When Olfa asked if I’d like to review the Bourjois Volumizer mascara and Make up Remover I nearly did a cart-wheel.  Anticipating this review had me waiting at my mailbox for delivery!  My first makeup experiences involved buying mascara with my allowance and arriving early to school in the mornings to apply it in the girls bathroom.  I was thirteen and already hooked on eye makeup.  I truly have been using the same 2 inexpensive brands for 24 years. Which ever one ends up being on sale is the one that comes home to fill my make up bag.

I have been cursed with very fine hair and lashes.  If wearing “glamour” makeup every day I could use a tube of mascara every two weeks because I need about 4 coats to give my fair lashes a big boost.  Which leads to the next dilemma ~ how to clean all that mascara every night.  I have to buy a new bottle of make up remover as often as new mascara.  It’s only about $6 for a 125ml bottle but still adds up in the long run.

So, what did I think of my two-week affair with Bourjois Make up remover and Volumizer mascara?  I tried to ignore my biases about the retail price of the products I was given to try for free. Bourjois Volumizer Mascara~ $20 per wand and Bourjois Make Up Remover~ $18 for 200 ml

(photo: courtesy of Bourjois Canada)

My Review of Bourjois Volumizer Mascara and Make Up Remover

Bourjois Volumizer: more glamour in my look

First of all, Bourjois Volumizer mascara is about four times more expensive than my $4 mascara.   I had high hopes that it would offer me a little more glamour since I had a big reunion to attend.

The first thing I noticed was the size of the brushes. They are huge and have the most bristles I have ever seen on a mascara wand.  The Volumizer mascara has a two-step application. Step 1 will give a light coat to your lashes for a more natural daytime look.  Use this brush alone or apply the Step 2 brush immediately after for a more dramatic look.  I was concerned about the amount of product clinging to the Step 2 brush when I pulled it out of the tube.  I used Step 1 for most days when I was just going to work or doing errands.  I used both Step 1 and Step 2 for the evening and for my reunion party.

Verdict:  Bourjois promises clump free lashes and I found this mascara to live up to that promise.  I had a few comments about how full my lashes looked and I loved how easily the product washed off each night.   Though I did find it took a few minutes for the Step 2 formula to dry completely. The first few times I smudged it when I blinked.  After getting used to the extra drying time, the mascara was smudge-proof and required no touch-ups in a 12 hour day.

Bourjois Eye Make up Remover promises to clean you up in “one-swipe”

I performed a trial for four nights-  make up on my left eye was cleaned with my old remover and I used the Bourjois remover on my right eye.

  1. I soaked one pad in my old remover and the other in Bourjois remover.
  2. Held the cotton pads on my eyes for about 30 seconds.
  3. Swiped the pads from inner corner to outer corner and looked to see what had come off.

Verdict:  The Bourjois remover had taken ALL the make up from my upper lid.  I needed only to hold it on the lower lid for a few more seconds then swipe it away too.  The left eye was smudged and smeared as it is every night.  My cheapness have held me hostage to rubbing at my eye makeup for 10 minutes or more every night.  Even after rubbing with my old make up remover, and washing my face, mascara remained on my lashes.   I got a close look in the mirror and saw just how clean my right eye was, and ended up using the Bourjois Make up Remover pad to clean my left eye too.  After the fourth night I gave up on my old remover and used the Bourjois product.  After two weeks the delicate skin around my eyes felt soft and conditioned.  With no irritation that I usually feel after washing my face.

FYI -The first night I made the mistake of soaking my cotton pad too heavily with the Bourjois remover.  Remember, I said I was used to going through a bottle of my usual remover in about 2 weeks.  It didn’t hurt my eye to have too much product, but it was a waste.

Final thoughts: Go for it

Would I pay this much for makeup?  Honestly, I would invest in the Bourjois Eye Make Up Remover because it would last a long time.  I’d consider it a good investment as part of my skin care regime.  I would only buy the Volumizer Mascara if I had a special event to go to.

If you aren’t familiar with Bourjois Canada and their fabulous beauty products, I encourage you to hop over and check them out.  They offer beauty tips, advice on the best ways to use their products, and lists of ingredients.  Could you use a little glamour too? 

You can find them also on Twitter and Facebook.  Make sure to follow them as they will be sponsoring a huge event with us. You can win a gift basket to rock your spring!

Disclosure: OurFamilyWorld team received Bourjois items for free. All opinions are ours.

25 thoughts on “Bourjois Paris Make Up Review: I Found Glamour In A Tube”

  1. Thanks for this detailed review! I am interested to try a new mascara instead of my old skool standby! I also welcome a less oily make up remover than I currently use.

  2. Christina Dragan

    The Bourjois Volumizer looks well worth the try. I hate always having to re-apply my mascara throughout the day. Hopefully this mascara will solve all my problems.

  3. I love the fact that there is no clumping with the mascara!! I do not have fine eyelashes like you do but i do have a MAJOR problem with clumping (yuck)

  4. I’d love to try the mascara! I like volumizing mascaras and this sounds like just the product for me. I think one swipe of the wand would be enough for the look I want to achieve. I’m happy to hear the formula truly leaves your lashes clump-free! The eye make-up remover sounds like a wonderful product as well and you got excellent results from it. I’d love to try it.

  5. Thanks for the great review. It makes me want to go out and buy the product right now! I hate mascara that clumps I love the idea that this mascara is multi-purpose. Natural by daytime and fuller for nighttime. Also the Eye makeup Remover sounds great. I love the one swipe, no fuss. Thanks again.

  6. I love makeup but sometimes it doesn’t like me so I’m always looking for one that likes me back. here’s hoping I can win and find out

  7. Jeannette Laframboise

    Thanks so much for a great review. I have tried so many mascaras over the years but never found one that I really love. I end up purchasing a plain Covergirl mascara because I figured I would never find a mascara that would be worth it. I don’t mind paying more if the product is better. I am definitely going to give this one a try and the make-up remover as well. Right now the remover I use comes from Avon…thanks again for a great review!

  8. I hope I didn’t mislead anyone when I mentioned using the makeup for only 2 weeks. I was referring to using the Bourjois items for 2 weeks before writing the review. It’s been about 4 weeks since I received the review items and am STILL using them.

    **One tip I forgot to add to the post- keep the wand from your used mascara. Wash it well, and use it dry to de-clump or define your lashes.

    1. I felt pretty glamorous with the two step mascara. The step one formula holds up all day, and I am outside with the preschool children at least twice a day.

  9. The mascara looks awesome, but I really love the idea of one-swipe remover! Swiping again and again really takes its toll on the delicate skin beneath my eyes.

    1. That’s true. I didn’t mention the damage from rubbing your eyes too much, only focused on the waste of product. It really does work, and I used it to get lipstick off the other night.

    1. I have super sensitive skin and am especially allergic to most scents in makeup, cleansers, and skin care items. (Even the scents that most people don’t notice). I’ve only used the Bourjois mascara and eye make up remover and have to say these products gave me ZERO reactions.

  10. Mascara is pretty much the only makeup I wear because it’s quick and easy and makes such an impact. I will definitely check this one out based on your great review!!

    1. You’re right, mascara is the way to go if you want instant glam. A great make up routine is not about how much you wear, it’s about using the right colours/products and applying them right.

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