Beyond the Clouds: Two minutes tales for women on the go



Beyond the Clouds: Two minutes tales for women on the go by Megan Bekkedahl and Melaina Lausen


This is a compilation of short stories by seven women who have a passion for writing. All stories are told from the female’s point of view. Sounds great already. As a woman, you will relate to the anxiety, sorrow, doubts, happiness, and laughter weaved throughout the book in the lives of various characters. Many of us have experienced exactly what the characters portray. No doubt as you turn the pages, you will reminisce many times. Each story stands alone and is not tied into any of the other stories. So get ready for something totally different as you jump from one story to another. In some cases the predictable; in others, the bizarre.

Here are some questions the book highlights:
  • If you would have to suddenly start dating again in your life, how would you feel?
  • Do you get tired of picking up after your mate or significant other? Think what would be worse than this small chore you perform every day?
  • Are there any sentimental items that remind you of your mother?
  • Did you have mixed feelings when you went to your first class reunion? Or, are you anticipating your first class reunion?
  • If you have a strained relationship with one of your family members, how long will it last?
  • When it comes to acts of kinds, do you rise above the crowd? Or, do you blend in with the “do nothings.”
  • How bad did YOU react the first day your child started school?There are a few surprises also in the book. A couple stories actually border on the strange and bizarre. One story actually gave me goosebumps. My favorite story was Ara’s Ring. This is a story of two sisters in a war-torn country. You will want to read it several times with a tissue in one hand.

Whether you get a hard-copy of the book, or a digital download, digest each story slowly. You won’t regret reading, Beyond the Clouds. Also, a word to the guys. You too will enjoy this book as you get some insightful viewpoints of being a woman!

About the authors: The two lead authors are Megan Bekkedahl and Melaina Lausen. They are the creators of the Beyond Books series. The authors contribute their sales proceeds to various charities. Beyond the Clouds proceeds will go the Ovarian Cancer Research Fund. Ovarian Cancer is a leading cause of death in women. What a great charity to target. You can find them on Facebook.
Disclaimer: A free copy was received by Our Family World Team. All the opinions are ours. No monetary compensation was received for this book review