3 Cheap & Easy Ways to Revamp Your Fall Wardrobe

Longing for a closet overhaul this fall but don’t have a ton of money to spend on a new wardrobe? No worries, we partnered with Church & Dwight to bring you a few super easy inexpensive ways to revamp your fall wardrobe!

Revitalize your fall wardrobe without spending a fortune with these 3 easy tips and great look ideas! Check them out!


Want to know a secret? You probably already have the bones of a whole new wardrobe waiting to be discovered in your closet! You just need to look at your clothes in a new light and put a creative spin on what you have. Just follow these easy style tips and tricks to add a little flare to some old favourites and keep your current classics looking like new!

3 Easy Ways to Revamp Your Fall Wardrobe

1. Be Bold! Add some colour to your wardrobe by incorporating Pantone’s Top 10 Fall Colours, such as Grenadine Red and Marina Blue into your every day look. These bright shades are the perfect way to transition to fall and stay stylish! It really is amazing how one awesome accessory can totally change the look of an entire outfit.

2. Winter whites. Whites are no longer just for summer! Layer soft creams, oyster or parchment tones to create a cozy look as you transition into fall.

Revitalize your fall wardrobe without spending a fortune with these 3 easy tips and great look ideas! Check them out!

Pro tip: Even winter whites can begin to look a little dreary after a while. To keep your favourite pieces looking like new longer, try OxiClean White Revive Laundry Stain Remover. It whitens 40% better than chlorine bleach with powerful whitening agents that won’t damage colors.

3. Old is new again. It’s time to dig really deep into the back of your closet (or haul out that chest of clothes you’ve been saving for years). All of those geometric prints from high school are back in style and ready for a reboot. Pair your retro pieces with a pair of skinny jeans or a slick black jacket for a modern look.

Pro tip: If your old favourites are a bit stale from years in storage, revitalize them with OxiClean Max Force Foam Laundry Pre-Treater. Just pump it directly onto a stain that was never removed last fall, and gently rub and let it soak overnight up to 7 days before throwing it in the wash. The powerful supercharged foam sticks to stains and works to blast them away. Its compact size also makes it easy to store, and it will become a must-have for treating stans.

Want some style inspiration? Check out these fun, easy-to-wear looks:


Revitalize your fall wardrobe without spending a fortune with these 3 easy tips and great look ideas! Check them out!



What are your favourite ways to revitalize your fall wardrobe without spending a fortune? Share below!


23 thoughts on “3 Cheap & Easy Ways to Revamp Your Fall Wardrobe”

  1. Great simple tips to spruce up the Fall wardrobe. I love a bold color but I definitely want to incorporate more winter whites its so chic.

  2. Eileen Mendoza Loya

    With two grown sons, it is a challenge to keep their white shirts white. That was until I discovered Oxi Clean! I love how the clothes look so much like new.

  3. I love the look of white all winter! With messy kids I didn’t think I’d be safe to wear it though. Thank goodness for Ocy Clean!

  4. We love using Oxi Clean for keeping our whites bright. I definitely need to do an overhaul in my closet to see what I can mix and match for a new fall look.

  5. xiClean Max Force Foam Laundry Pre-Treater sounds like a great product. I need to dig out all of our jackets and wash them.

  6. I need to pull out all of the winter stuff I haven’t worn in forever and it give it a good cleaning! I love autumn clothes!

  7. I am what some might call painfully predictable when it comes to clothing. I go for comfort over style every time and I keep it until it’s either ruined or can no longer be worn.

  8. I need to take an afternoon and go through my closet. I’m sure I can find some new combinations for fall that I’ve never thought of.

  9. I bet I have some really great stuff in the back of my closet. I am going to have to dig deep this weekend to see what I can find.

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