5 Ways We Totally Treat Our Dogs Like People!

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Tender & True Pet Nutrition. All opinions are 100% mine.

We admit it, we totally treat our dogs like people! Check out 5 ways we do it, plus learn how Tender & True Dog Food treats your dog like people, too!


Let’s be honest, we all treat our dogs like people from time to time. I know that when it comes to training, we have to remember that our dogs are not humans. It’s like the biggest rule, right?  The rest of the time, though, I think we all have our own little ways of humanizing our pups! Some of us do it a lot more than others! Yes, I’m totally pointing a finger at myself right now! Read on to find out how I treat my dogs like people, including how I choose their food and why I’m loving Tender & True Pet Nutrition!

5 Ways We Treat Our Dogs Like People

If you missed our first post about the ways we show our dogs we love them, let me remind you about my pups! I have two dogs. Freya is a Pharaoh Hound and Mocha is a lab/greyhound/mystery mix. Here are a few of the biggest ways that I treat them like people that I bet you can relate to!

1- Dressing Them Up

Okay, so this one is all my mom. She has a crazy fascination with putting clothes on our dogs. I’m pretty sure she’s been doing it since she was a kid. I don’t have any pictures of Freya and Mocha all decked out yet, mostly because they won’t leave clothes on for long, but my sweet Maia was a real trooper. We lost her last 4th of July; she was almost 15 years old.

How do we treat our dogs like people? We dress them up in silly costumes! Read more ways + learn all about Tender & True Pet Nutrition for your superstar dog!

2- Making the homemade treats and toys

Raise your hand if you’ve spent more time whipping up special treats for your dog than you have for the humans in your house. Yep, my hand is up! I’m not the best cook when it comes to making people food, BUT I’ve kind of got this dog treat down pretty well. My secret? No-bake treats! Freya and Mocha go nuts for pumpkin peanut butter oat treats!

We treat our dogs like people by baking (or no-baking) for them! How do you?

I just mix a whole can of pumpkin with about 1/4 to 1/2 cup of peanut butter, then toss in enough oats to really thicken them up. Usually about two cups. Roll them by hand (it’s the easiest way, but you can use a cookie dough scoop if you don’t want to get messy), then give them a quick roll through some more oats. Stick in the fridge! Makes about 40 and lasts a week in the fridge as long as you keep them in an airtight container. Freya can barely wait for them to chill, so she always has one or two “mushy” ones as I’m making them.

3- Having deep conversations with them

I’ve had some of the best conversations of my life with my dogs. They may not talk back to me in words I can understand, but there is definitely a feeling of communication. Plus, they make amazing sounding boards! During training, we teach them basic commands like sit, stay, and down. I think, though, that it’s through conversations with them that they really begin to understand our zany personalities, and we theirs.


After a while, they really do learn what some phrases mean. Freya knows that “dot” means laser pointer fun time! Unfortunately, her grasp on English isn’t strong enough to know that words that rhyme with dot do NOT mean laser pointer time. Now, we have to be careful not to say not, got or hot! Try it for a day and see how hard it is!

4- Love them unconditionally

I think one of the biggest ways we treat our dogs like people is by loving them unconditionally. If we didn’t feel such a deep emotional connection to them, we wouldn’t be able to deal with the less pleasant parts of being a pet parent. Today alone, I’ve cleaned up one potty training accident, picked up lint scattered across the house after Mocha raided the laundry garbage, and retrieved a container of the remnants of chicken salad from Freya’s mouth about three times. After the third time, I finally put it in the dishwasher. She’s so tall when she stands up, she can reach right inside the sink. Right now, I’m working to the sound of Mocha’s very high-pitched puppy bark on a loop because she’s mad that we put a gate up in the laundry room!

5- Feeding them the way we would want to be fed

We admit it, we totally treat our dogs like people! Check out 5 ways we do it, plus learn how Tender & True Dog Food treats your dog like people, too!

We work very hard to make sure our dogs are getting the best nutrition, just like the humans in the house! Since my dogs are superstars, I feed them a superfood like Tender & True! I love that the people behind the food understand just how much I love animals.  Not only do Freya and Mocha get high-quality kibble free of fillers, corn, soy, antibiotics and anything artificial, but they’re getting it from humane sources. Yep, every recipe of Tender & True pet food comes from sustainable, USDA organic sources that were GAP-certified humanely raised.

We admit it, we totally treat our dogs like people! Check out 5 ways we do it, plus learn how Tender & True Dog Food treats your dog like people, too!

Tender & True offers balanced nutrition for every stage of your dog’s life, from puppy to adulthood, in ONE formula. No need to buy separate food for different stages. My pups tried out the Chicken & Liver Recipe, but I’m betting they’d also love the Organic Turkey & Liver or the Ocean Whitefish  & Potato!  Tender & True makes fantastic food for your kitties, too! Let’s not forget them (my cats would be very angry if they thought I didn’t at least give them a little shout-out).

Ready to try it out? Find Tender & True near you and treat your pups to the same quality of food that you would feed your family!

How do you treat your pets like people? Share below!


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26 thoughts on “5 Ways We Totally Treat Our Dogs Like People!”

  1. Shirley Eliza Martinez

    Dogs are amazing animals. I love small dogs especially, but big ones frighten me due to an incident when I was 9. Overall, I speak to little dogs like babies. high pitched voice and excitement. It gets them going.

  2. We have 2 dogs and love them so much. They really are a part of our family. I am super aware and picky about the food and treats we give them. Tender and True is not a brand I’ve seen before. I will have to look for this.

  3. My pets are like my children. My Sisters two dogs have a bunch of different clothes they wear. I will have to try making some treats for them this weekend.

  4. Right now as I am reading this my dog is sleeping at the foot of my bed. He is such a people dog and I cannot imagine not having him around. I have made him homemade treats before so this did make me laugh. And I think that my daughter has dressed him up more than once. We do love our dog for sure.

  5. We’re huge dog lovers at our house and are guilty as charged on all dogs spoiling accounts! Especially talking to them. I work from home and I swear I hold more (one-sided) conversations with them than with humans some days! x

  6. You have described my sister-in-law perfectly. While I don’t do all of these things for my pets, she treats hers as if they are her children. I do give mine unconditional love and think maybe I should switch out their food for a healthier option for the aging years.

  7. I agree, we’ve always treated all our pets like humans. They are capable of so much compassion and love, they deserve to be treated just like family members. Feeding them the best food available is always a huge priority for us too!

  8. Eileen Mendoza Loya

    My dog is my fur baby and just like all my children, I make sure he is happy and healthy and well fed with age-appropriate food. Let me give this Tender and True Organic dog food a try. I am positive my fur baby will love it.

  9. We treat out pets like people by traveling with them. Our lab passed away recently (she was 17), but literally as I type, I’m in a hotel room with my Doxie curled up next to me. She loves the adventure as much as we do. This dog food sounds great, too…I bet our girl would love to try it out!

  10. I don’t think there is anything wrong with any of these. Well. except maybe dressing them up. That might be a bit extreme!

  11. Censie 'Mumby' Sawyer

    We do not have dogs but we do have two cats that we totally treat like people! ha! Our furbabies are apart of our family so of course we treat them like little humans! This is a fun post!!

  12. These are definitely some great ways to treat our dogs like people. I would definitely be one to dress my dog up too!

  13. Margarette Puno

    Oh yes! I have treated my dog as my baby. I always make sure that she is always with me whenever i go.

  14. Cami Valenzuela

    I never thought I would be this person but I totally am. Our dog has become part of family. I hate leaving him alone.

  15. We have always treated our dog like a person. We talk to him all the time, and I love to dress him up. It just cracks me up. We will have to try Tender and True. It looks like it might be a great choice for our dog.

  16. My dad had a little dog named Rio who belongs to my daughter now. I love putting clothes on that dog, and he loves his homemade dog treats.

  17. I love dogs way more than people anyway! I’ve got all this check and checked! #TeamFurbaby 🙂

    Tracy @ Ascending Butterfly

  18. Melissa Chapman

    I wish I could do more thins with my dogs. I hug them and talk to them and give them my food sometimes, but i don’t know if it gets through but I will try.

  19. I could see talking to my dog all day long as if he were a person. As long as he doesn’t answer back, we are OK!

  20. Christina Almond

    That is so funny and cute…and so true! <3 Animals unconditionally love and I think that makes us inclined to treat them so well!

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