The Results Are In: Cats Rule in Canada!

Did you know that in the never-ending fight between cats and dogs, cats rule in Canada? It’s true!  According to studies, while 37% of Canadians own one or more cats, only 32% own a dog. We’re cat-lovers here at OurFamilyWorld! I have four of my own, including a brand new kitten Zoe! Wanna see a picture? Of course you do! The internet LOVES cat pictures!

In Canada, cats rule! Cat ownership outnumbers dogs slightly. Check out fun facts about cats, plus see how Arm & Hammer can keep your kitties happy & clean!


I’ll let you in on a secret: I actually have cats, dogs and guinea pigs. But we’re talking cats here today, it’s their day on OurFamilyWorld. Besides, we actually have a whole entire site dedicated to dogs. 🙂 My little Zoeball wants her moment in the spotlight. She absolutely LOVES modeling for the camera.

Arm & Hammer™ knows how much we adore our feline friends. That’s why they want to make sure our cats are well cared for every single day of the year. With cats, a clean environment is crucial. Cats DO NOT like to be dirty. Little Zoeball will even stop in the middle of sneak-attacking my foot as I walk by to clean a “dirty” spot that she suddenly noticed on her paw. Litter boxes? Must be spotless and odour-free.

This revolutionary formula seals and destroys odours before they can leave the litter box.

We’re big fans of Arm & Hammer™ Clump & Seal™ Complete Odour Sealing Cat Litter. It provides a 7-day odour-free home, guaranteed.  This revolutionary formula seals and destroys odours before they can leave the litter box. Its plant-derived particles help create rock hard clumps for easy scooping, and its fine micro-particles ensure ultra-low dust when pouring or scooping – this helps keep litter in the box instead of on your kitty’s feet.  Plus your cat will love the new softer feel!


Fun Facts For Cat Lovers 

To further prove that cats rule in Canada- and the rest of the world- the makers of Arm & Hammer™ put together a few fun facts for us! Check them out.

A-Latte Love for Whiskers

Cat cafés have become an international phenomenon – with cities like Paris, Berlin and Montreal pouncing on the bandwagon. Stop by for coffee and enjoy the company of new furry friends!

Cat Crazed

Search cat videos online and you’ll find endless results. That’s why many North American animal shelters annually host cat-themed festivals showcasing feline videos for a good cause.

On the A-List

Speaking of cats and the internet, this list wouldn’t be complete without Grumpy Cat. The Internet sensation has published books, won awards and posed for the cover of New York Magazine. She (yep, she’s a she!) even has over 7 million likes on her Facebook page – talk about a cat leading the pack!

Fun Fact: Today, some cats are viewed as celebrities, but in Ancient Egypt, they were considered gods! Bast was the godliest goddess of cats. There’s a great quote that I read once that’s totally true: “cats were once worshiped as gods in ancient times. Cats have NEVER forgotten this.” True, right? At least in my house. My cats will come sit next to me on my desk and look at me like “you may pet me, peon.”

Despite which furry friend you own at home, both cats and dogs are considered part of the family. Dog owners believe their pets offer them improved physical health while cat owners believe their pets offer them improved mental health. I absolutely believe that. My pets bring me so much joy. Having a kitten in the house has completely changed the energy. Playing with her is such a stress reliever. Watching her stalk me constantly (and I do mean constantly, she’s ALWAYS hiding somewhere, waiting to pounce as I walk by) just makes me giddy!

Do you have cats? Do they love to play, or are they more of a chilling and relaxing type of personality? How do they bring joy to your life?




11 thoughts on “The Results Are In: Cats Rule in Canada!”

  1. We don’t have cats and dog here in our house because we have an babies here and they were sensitive my mother too have an asthma the doctor said no pets in our house. I am eager to have an cats because they are cute

  2. Oh yes, I have a cat–I adopted her she must have been about 1 or maybe 2 and once she acclimated (took about 1/2 hour–she took over and informed me who was the boss–and it is not me!! I really do love her–I just wish she would not nip my ankle if I do something she deems inappropriate!!

  3. We have cats and dogs. They bring me joy every day. But the cats make me laugh, they are always up to something and after having cats all my adult life, they still surprise me.

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