My Dogs Go Bonkers for Purina® Beggin’ Strips®!

This post brought to you by Purina. All opinions are 100% mine.

I have three dogs. Tasha and Maia are 12 and Cooper is 6. All three love Purina® Beggin’ Strips®! How do I know? Well, when I yell “It’s baaaaaacon!” they all come running! Remember that commercial for Purina® Beggin’ Strips®? Where the dog was so convinced that he was getting real bacon, he’d run yelling that in his head? That’s where I got it from, and they know it well. In fact, whenever that commercial would come on TV, they’d look at me like “hey, where’s our Beggin’ Strips®?” I had to make sure I kept enough on hand for those moments. There’s a reason they call the sad begging look “puppy dog eyes,” after all!

With six different flavors, there is something for all dogs. It’s hard to say which is their favorite variety. Honestly, they’re not picky, as long as it’s Beggin’ Strips®. I typically buy either the Bacon flavor or the Bacon & Cheese. We also recently tried the Collisions Bacon & Cheeseburger with great results! Tasha has always preferred softer treats over harder ones, so Beggin’ Strips® are perfect for her. Maia and Cooper, well, they just love treats in general! I only just discovered the Collisions, so we’ll have to try the other two varieties of those soon.



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Do your dogs love Purina® Beggin’ Strips®? Which flavor is their favorite? How do they let you know how much they love that flaovr? Tell us in the comments, we love hearing from you! Then head over and Nom-Nom-Nominate your dog’s three favorites!

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