Our Dogs Are Cheering On Our Favorite MLB Team in Style

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My husband and I don’t get to go out often, but when we do, we like to take our boys along. When I say boys, I mean our fur children, Mordecai and Rigby. They are some of the most socialite dogs I have ever met. They often will completely snub us for new people. I just remind them who gives them food. Of course, they don’t speak English, so this never works. Anyways, our dogs are amazing with outsiders so when we got to take a trip to PetSmart they were elated. This was their first time getting to go into a store, and since they’re beagles, their noses hit the ground immediately, and they loved all the new smells.

Cheering on the St. Louis Cardinals with PetSmart


When we got to PetSmart, we headed straight for the MLB items. Since our Mordecai is a porker, the bigger sizes they had available were perfect for him. The boys have always loved getting dressed up, so as we tried the clothes and collars on them, they could barely hold their wiggles in. We were in love with the Cardinals mini jersey and Mordecai, our monster, pulled it off so well that we had other customers gushing over his outfit. He was an adorable salesperson and his charm encouraged others to peek at the MLB section, and we were more than happy to support our team!


Once we picked out the perfect outfit for Mordecai, we took Rigby to the PetSmart grooming area for a Cardinal’s stencil. We were received with warm smiles and affection for our pups. After a quick setup in the system, they accepted us as a walk-in without any issues and it took them only a couple of minutes to get the stencil on.


Rigby, although it was his first time on the grooming table, held still like a champ and charmed his way into the various groomers’ hearts who worked there. We spent a few extra minutes in that area as a few of the groomers gathered to gush over Rigby’s sweet demeanor. We then checked out and after a few more stops to interact with other customer’s and their dogs, we headed off to watch the game.


Sadly, our game got rained out, and since we live a few hours from St. Louis, we decided that driving there and hoping the game would eventually start was probably not the best idea. So, we decided to still get the boys pumped for the game and watch one from home. When we got home, we got Mordecai dressed up in his MLB outfit which made him strut his stuff and get super excited. He knows he’s adorable and will pose for days in his outfits. Since it was still raining outside, dad let the boys get their wiggles out by letting them tackle him and lick his face which they were all too happy to do.

Although our game got rained out, PetSmart helped our pets still cheer on our team by getting them excited with adorable outfits and decorations. They sat on the couch proudly with their stencils and outfits as we watched the game. Once the rain subsided, we took them for a walk around the town still dressed up. The rain caused a ton of flies so they had some fun eating flies in the front yard before we left. They had neighbors taking photos and gushing over the fact that they were the perfect little Cardinals cheerleaders. What better way is there to cheer on our team outside of the game than by walking two adorable beagles around town decked out in our team’s gear! We absolutely loved our trip to PetSmart and the day we got to spend with our little Cardinal’s cheerleaders!


PetSmart Celebrates the Dog Days of Summer

Along with all the cool MLB fashions and stencils, PetSmart is doing something really exciting for those in the Phoenix area! PetSmart and the Arizona Diamondbacks teamed up to create the first season-long dog-friendly ballpark! They even have dedicated new permanent facilities, like:

  • PetSmart Patio: a multi-level seating zone that features 30 dog suites to accommodate your family of four and your dog!
  • PetSmart Park: If your dog isn’t ready to sit still through all nine innings, take him to the indoor and outdoor play areas of the PetSmart Patio. The indoor area is even air conditioned to give your hot dog a cool break.
  • Pet-friendly Menu – During each of the Dog Days of Summer games held at the D-backs’ Sunday home games, your pooch can enjoy an endless supply of dog-friendly ice cream with tasty kibble toppings while you snack on all-you-can-eat baseball goodies, such as hot dogs, peanuts, and popcorn. The concessions are right in the PetSmart Patio, so you don’t have to go far!
  • PetSmart Doggie Bags – Compliments of PetSmart, when you’re a guest of the PetSmart Patio, you’ll receive fun items like a baseball mitt-themed bed, paw-shaped water bowl, treats and toys.
  • The Adopt Spot by PetSmart – This may be one of my favorite features of all! The new adoption center lets you expand your family by adopting a dog that needs a forever home. PetSmart teamed up with three Phoenix-based animal welfare organizations – Arizona Humane Society, Arizona Animal Welfare League, and HALO Animal Rescue. When you adopt at the Adopt Spot, you’ll receive all sorts of fabulous goodies, including $400 worth of coupons and gear.

While the Dog Days of Summer is only happening in Pheonix, if it’s a success maybe it will roll out to other ballparks! Wouldn’t you love to see something like this in your hometown? In the meantime, you can still have a blast cheering on your favorite team with all the fun MLB gear and stencils at your local PetSmart!

How do you get your dogs involved in cheering for your favorite team? Share in the comments!


This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of PetSmart. The opinions and text are all mine.

33 thoughts on “Our Dogs Are Cheering On Our Favorite MLB Team in Style”

  1. I’m not a baseball fan, but I love the idea of letting your pet show off your love of team. I used to put an old college tee on my dog during college football season. I don’t know if she really liked it, but she always wore it for the games.

  2. Those dogs look like great fans! How cute that they can cheer for the team too. I am big Mets fan so I don’t agree with their choice of apparel though.;)

  3. Kilo is a major Blue Jays Fan. He has his outfit from PetSmart and he and my husband watch on TV. I think dogs are allowed but not sure he would enjoy the live games as he is nervous of strangers.

  4. It’s good to know that you had an amazing time at PetSmart! They definitely know how to take care of our pets. That stencil is adorable and so is that t-shirt!

  5. How cute! I live in Michigan but I spent most of my life in OK so my dogs have OSU (where I went to college) outfits and such. It makes my family crazy since they all fight over whether they should have UofM or MSU haha Or, even the Detroit Tigers.

  6. Tee hee how cute is your pup! When I started to put outfits on Paris he kinda goes into some coma, it’s like he knows if I’m laughing at him. But now he is fine with it and is fine with them – even costumes!

  7. How fun are here little dog jerseys? We have an older chihuahua mix and he often wears clothes as he gets cold easily. These would be super cute on him.

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