Meow Mix Brushing Bites: The Delicious Way to Keep Your Cat’s Teeth Healthy!

This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of The J.M. Smucker Company. The opinions and text are all mine.


Meow Mix has a brand new product that’s going to excite both you and your cat: Meow Mix Brushing Bites, now available at Walmart. These tasty morsels aren’t just a delicious treat for your kitty, they also help keep your cat’s teeth healthier. Did you know that a whopping 85% of cats show signs of oral disease by 3 years of age? That’s a lot of kitties with teeth problems! I think we all know that tooth and gum problems can lead to more serious health concerns too, right?

One of my cats, Prue, has had serious dental issues since she was young. The vet said it’s a genetic thing in some cats. After everything we went through with her, keeping my other cats’ teeth healthy is a high priority for us. My cats aren’t exactly cooperative when it comes to brushing their teeth, so I look for treats that will help keep their mouths clean, like Meow Mix Brushing Bites.

Keep Your Cat’s Teeth Cleaner with Meow Mix Brushing Bites

Meow Mix Brushing Bites are a tasty way to treat your cat AND help keep their mouth’s healthy at the same time. The treats are specially designed to help clean your cat’s teeth by reducing and controlling nasty plague and tartar buildup when you give them to your cat daily. Each treat is bursting with flavor that your cat will love, like real chicken! Even better, the treats are fortified with vitamin D and calcium to keep supporting healthy teeth and bones after your cat is done enjoying the crunchy goodness.

My cats go nuts for treats, especially crunchy ones. Alex the Fuzz is all about treat time. We actually have to “lock” his treats up in a bin with a snap-on lid because he knows how to open bags! Before we secured them, he’d grab a bag from the box and race through the house with it, then rip it open when he thought we were out of sight. One time, I accidentally left the bag open and found a trail leading to his hiding spot!


Fuzz really enjoyed the Meow Mix Brushing Bites, and I like that I know they’re helping keep his mouth healthier. If it was up to him, he’d eat the whole bag in one sitting! Of course, I treat them in moderation. Alex is about 8 pounds, so he gets about 10 of the little treats a day. He has great teeth (and sharp, he likes to give love nips!), I want to keep them that way for a long time to come.


By the way, did you notice that Alex looks a little like the cat on the Meow Mix Brushing Treats bag, except with longer hair? I think he sure did! Maybe that’s why he thinks they all belong to him!

Meow Mix Brushing Bites are available now at Walmart, so you can pick them up when you’re there shopping for all your other necessities. They will also be available on soon. For now, you can find out more about Meow Mix Brushing Bites here

What do you do to keep your cat’s teeth healthy? Share in the comments!

This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of The J.M. Smucker Company. The opinions and text are all mine.

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  1. I really love this product and that it helps to keep cats teeth healthy, clean and it’s a fun tasty treat for them too. I didn’t realize what a big problem oral disease is for cats, I’m glad this is being brought to our attention. I will be purchasing the Meow Mix Brushing Bites for my cat.

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