Got an Itchy Pet? Time to See Your Vet!

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This is my girl Tasha. She’s almost 13-years-old now. Last year, she started scratching like crazy to the point that she was losing a lot of her fur on her back. She was also chewing her paws raw.  Around the same time, our 6-year-old dog, Cooper, started gnawing on his tail quite a bit. We were so confused as to what could be wrong. We didn’t think it was fleas or anything like that because our third dog, Maia, was just fine.

Since Tasha is an older dog, anything out of the ordinary for her worries me greatly. I made an appointment for both her and Cooper to get them checked out. Turns out, like me, they have seasonal allergies! Unlike me, though, they didn’t express their discomfort by sneezing their head off and stocking up on tissues. See, while we know the signs of seasonal allergies in humans pretty well by now, dogs are a bit different.

Signs of Seasonal Allergies in Dogs


Wondering if your pooch could have seasonal allergies? Take a look at a few of the signs.

  • Excessive scratching or chewing at their paws: Tasha and Cooper both displayed this sign. Tasha was much worse than Cooper.
  • Red, irritated skin: This one I mostly saw in Tasha
  • Ear infections: I didn’t notice this sign in my dogs, but just like human seasonal allergies, canine allergies can differ with symptoms as well.

If you see any of these signs in your pet, it’s important to schedule a vet appointment to get it checked out. That’s really the only way to know for sure if your itchy pet is suffering from seasonal allergies. Also, just because your pet never had allergies before doesn’t mean it can’t happen. Look at Tasha. She went through a good 11 years of life without allergies, then last summer they just appeared. Like humans, they can pop up at any time.

Treatment for an Itchy Pet

Treatment options for your itchy pet vary, depending on the severity of the allergy and your dog’s medical history. They may include:

  • Over-the-counter allergy medications
  • Prescription medications
  • Steroid injections
  • Topical treatments such as creams or gentle shampoo

Your dog’s diet can also have a huge impact on treating allergies. When it comes to your itchy pet and seasonal allergies, the goal is to reduce the number of steroid injections they get by exploring as many other options as possible. Since Tasha is much older, I worry that too much medicine and steroids will hurt her kidneys. High-quality food like Royal Canin not only helps keep your dogs healthier on the inside, but also has ingredients that keeps their skin healthier too. This, in turn, reduces the number of allergens that get through into their systems. Royal Canin provides some great information on dealing with seasonal allergies in your itchy pet.

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16 thoughts on “Got an Itchy Pet? Time to See Your Vet!”

  1. My dog is always itchy, she is a elderly dog as well -13 year old black lab! The only thing I have ever found that helps is a shampoo for itching.

  2. My shepherd used to have terrible itchy problems but turns out it was her food….we switched to a limited ingredient food and she was SO much better!

  3. Tasha is a beauty. My dog has both seasonal allergies and food allergies. You’re so right about how important the right diet is.

  4. Both of my dogs are showing symptoms of seasonal allergies. I have been bathing them in an oatmeal shampoo and using OTC allergy meds as directed by my Vet.

  5. Thanks for sharing that infographic! I’ve been lucky enough that none of my pets have any allergies but my oldest dog has started acting differently and I have to start looking out for this kind of thing!

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