Feed Your Inspirational Cat Food Fit for a Muse! #mycatmymuse

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Muse Cat Food. All opinions are 100% mine.

inspirational-cat-food-muse My cat Alex (aka the Fuzz) is definitely my muse. Ever since he entered my life as a tiny orphaned feral kitten living outside my door, he’s inspired me in more ways that I can even count. Rather than letting his rough start to life bring him down, he’s determined to be the most vivacious and loving cat on the planet. Anytime I feel down, he does something crazy- like racing through the house with a pilfered bag of cat treats- to make me laugh. Well, except that one time I forgot to seal them! Then I laughed AFTER I cleaned up his tell-tale trail!

I want to give Alex the best care possible so he can continue to inspire me for many years to come. Considering his rough beginning, I figure he deserves all the pampering he can get! One of the best ways to care for him is to make sure to offer only the best nutritional choices possible, like Muse® Natural Recipes.

Muse® Natural Recipes for your inspirational cat  inspirational-cat-food-muse Every Muse® recipe is packed full of the good stuff your cat really loves: real fish or poultry, essential nutrients and natural ingredients. You won’t find any artificial colors, preservatives or flavors to ruin the meal! No corn or soy either. Just delicious, 100% complete and balanced food for your adult kitty. Muse® is so sure your cat will love it, they offer a Clean Plate™ Guarantee! If your cat doesn’t love it, they’ll give you your money back. inspirational-cat-food-muse I have to share the “behind the scenes” story about the photos in this post, because I think it really illustrates Alex’s Muse-like abilities! Quick background: Alex LOVES getting his picture taken. Ever since he came inside to live with us, he’s been a natural in front of the camera. inspirational-cat-food-muse I was in the process of setting up a whole different shot with the perfect background and everything just so.  I had finished stacking the Muse® Natural Recipes cans when Alex realized what I was doing. He came flying across the room, jumped up onto the counter and dove into the cans. inspirational-cat-food-muse He hugged them. He loved them. He posed like the supermodel kitty that he is and inspired me to go with his more relaxed flow. Best of all, he made me laugh on “one of those mornings,” with dreary weather and a dreary migraine making me feel, well, dreary.

Of course, adoring the packaging and enjoying the contents are two different things. It was time to let Alex try what was inside. inspirational-cat-food-muse I gave him the Natural Tuna & Tilapia Recipe In Broth with a Baby Clam Topper. It’s one of the Muse®  Grain-Free recipes. I think the evidence speaks for itself. He chowed down, oblivious to the camera for those moments. Maybe he thought that was his payment for his stellar modeling job? inspirational-cat-food-muse Muse® Natural Recipes are available in both wet and dry recipes, and in a variety of grain-free options as well. Wet food recipes include In Chowder, In Broth, With Toppers and Pate. Find Muse at Petco for your own inspirational kitty! Before you go, visit Muse Cat Food to learn more about the Clean Plate™ Guarantee and check for valuable coupons.

How does your cat inspire you? Share your stores about your Muse cat in the comments!

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17 thoughts on “Feed Your Inspirational Cat Food Fit for a Muse! #mycatmymuse”

  1. I have two cats that would love this food. I will have to pick some up for them to try. I love to spoil them.

  2. I’d love to try this with my cat but in the dry formula. She seems to have all sorts of issues with wet cat food, mainly a really smelly litter box :). I’ll add it to my list now and let you know how well she likes it. I want to give her the best of the best because she is one of my special family members.

  3. These sounds like great products for cats. I have two cats of my own and I know they’d love this! They seem like a great choice for cats. I’ll check more in to these products too.

  4. This sounds like an awesome choice of cat food to feed any cat. Muse Natural Recipes cat food I will have to share with my brother who has a furbaby he does anything for indeed. Thanks for sharing and Alex is so adorable.

  5. Your cat is gorgeous. Mine does not like wet food. She is stuck on Nutrish for Cats. She has been eating it now for almost 3 years and loves it.

  6. I have friends with cats and I am not sure if they use this food! I looks like a great brand! I don’t have a cat myself, but if I did I would try this food!

  7. This kitty looks like it is really enjoying this food! I will have to tell my cat loving friends about this food choice!

  8. Beautiful cat! It does seem that he enjoys being photographed. I do not have pet cats, but I will surely recommend Muse to my officemate who has 4 of them. It looks like they will love it it too.

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