Fresh Step® Lightweight Extreme: Tough on Odors, Easier on My Back! #FreshStepCats

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Fresh Step Lightweight Extreme Litter. All opinions are 100% mine.

fresh-step-lightweight-extreme-tough-odors-easier-back I’ve had cats most of my adult life. In fact, I have a cat right now who has been with me that entire time! She’s just turned 18 this year. I told her it’s time to get a job and start paying for her own kitty treats! I joke, though, I’ll of course continue to provide her favorite treats for as long as she’s with me because I love her so much. Seriously, she’s been there through rough times! She’s cuddled with me through a divorce, years of infertility, my morning sickness when I did get pregnant, getting up at all hours with a preemie, a second divorce, the loss of other cats, a new love in my life…basically 18 years of ups and down. That’s a long time. I’m grateful for every day that I have her. Fresh Step Mally I also have two other cats right now, although at one time I had five cats! You can imagine that I go through quite a bit of litter. We are pretty neurotic about keeping the box clean. I mean, who wants to live in a stinky home, right? We definitely don’t want guests coming over and thinking “wow, you can really tell they have cats!” With such frequent litter box changes, it makes sense to get a big box of litter. Here’s the problem: I’ve also had back problems most of my adult life. I am convinced it has to do with falling out of trees so often as a child! The problems are getting worse as I get older. Lugging a super heavy box of litter up the steps definitely doesn’t help. Lifting that box and pouring the litter was also a bit of a nightmare.

Get tough on litter box odors while getting easier on your back with Fresh Step® Lightweight Extreme

fresh-step-lightweight-extreme-tough-odors-easier-back When I saw the Target display for the Fresh Step® Lightweight Extreme, the first thing I noticed was the scale. Notice that it’s 30% lighter than the regular Fresh Step® Extreme That means it’s 30% easier on my back! My big question, though, was “does that mean I’m paying the same amount for less litter?” I think it’s a natural question, as we typically compare items by volume. A 15.4 pound box can’t possible be the same as a 22lb box, can it? I mean, I’m not exactly good at physics, but more is, well, more, right? Interestingly enough, the answer to my question is: no. I’m not paying the same for less. See, that 15.5 pound box of Fresh Step® Extreme Lightweight actually performs the same as the 22lbs box. Likewise, a 23.4 pound box is the same as a 33 pound box. How? I don’t know. Like I said, not a physics major. The geniuses at Fresh Step® must have found a way to defy physics. Whatever they did, they created a lighter scoopable litter that still does the job of its heavyweight counterpart. fresh-step-lightweight-extreme-tough-odors-easier-back Fresh Step® Lightweight Extreme is now available at Target. You can’t miss it, they have a fantastic display right on an end-cap! Grab a box today and discover the difference! I’ll be trying it out over the next week or so to really determine how well it works, but so far I’m loving it. Be sure to come back for our full review of my Fresh Step® Lightweight Extreme experience!

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37 thoughts on “Fresh Step® Lightweight Extreme: Tough on Odors, Easier on My Back! #FreshStepCats”

  1. I have always been interested in this one – but do not know anyone who personally uses it. We have three cats and I change their litter every day. Maybe next time it’s on sale I’ll give it a try.

  2. I was at Target yesterday to pick up some cat litter and I saw that light version. I thought about it and went for the heavier box. Good to know that lighter version does an equally superb job.

  3. I don’t have any cats now but I used to and the litter box is one of the reasons I don’t have one now. This litter looks like it would take care of all of the problems I had.

  4. Fresh Step is the only litter we’ll buy. My MIL once came to visit and bought another cheap brand and it did not work as well.

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