3 Tricks That Will Change the Way You Clean Your Cat Litter Box

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“I love cleaning the litter box!” said no cat parent ever. As much as we love our kitties, we definitely don’t love the dreaded litter box cleaning chore. While nothing in the world can make that task pleasant, there are definite ways to make it a bit less dreadful. Read on for my favorite tips! Pay special attention to my tip about using ökocat Natural Wood Clumping Cat Litter, it’s going to surprise you!


So, I just sat down and did a little math. With four cats, I spend an average of 20 minutes a day cleaning litter boxes. That comes out to a little over 121 hours, or just over five days, a year! Five whole days! Crazy, right? I don’t even take five whole vacation days a year! I’m all about anything that makes the task easier! For me, it comes down to three (ish) things. Let’s check them out!

Tricks to Change the Way You Clean Your Litter Box + ökocat Review

1-The Box & Accessories

You’d think that picking out a cat litter box would be easy, but there actually are a TON of different types! While your cat’s comfort should be your first concern (pick the wrong box and kitty won’t use it, trust me), you want something that doesn’t have a ton of ridges, bumps or grooves for litter to get trapped in. Look for a nice, smooth surface inside the box! It sounds like such a silly little thing, but it makes a world of difference.

2-The Location

Obviously, you want to put your litter box somewhere that your cat can find it but where it’s not right in the center of everything. No one wants to look at a gross litter box while they’re eating dinner, after all. Before you tuck it away under one of those fancy “hide a box” cabinet deals, though, think about how you’ll access it when you need to clean it! You shouldn’t have to contort your body and risk needing physical therapy down the road to scoop it out.


Both of our litter boxes used to be in our laundry room. One was super easy to get to. The other required closing the door and hunching down in a weird position to reach. I despised cleaning that box! When my ancient lady, Mally, decided that she didn’t want to walk past the puppies to go to the bathroom, we moved that one downstairs to my “office” area, hidden under a counter behind a pull-out chair. It’s SO much easier to clean out now!

3-The Litter

The right litter is EVERYTHING when it comes to making cleaning cat litter boxes less of a chore. Everything. Over 20+ years of cat parenting (my ancient lady just celebrated her 21st birthday!), we’ve tried pretty much every litter out there. If you asked me a few weeks ago which I’d recommend, I would have told you clumping clay litter, no doubt about it. That was before I tried ökocat and realized that I can be better than clay!


I’m going to be honest, I was super skeptical about ökocat when I first saw it. I mean, it’s made of wood, so how could it possibly clump and deodorize as well as clay? Guess what? It actually works better! The wood totally absorbs moisture and locks it in, so it’s super easy to scoop. Not only that, but it absorbs odors like you wouldn’t believe. Like I said, there’s a litter box in my office area. I am sitting three feet from it right now and I don’t smell a thing. In fact, ökocat offers seven-day odor control. While I don’t recommend going seven days without cleaning the box, it’s good to know that if you miss a day the whole house won’t stink!


Did you know that clay litter generates over 2.5 billion pounds of landfill waste every single year in North America? ökocat, on the other hand,  is totally biodegradable and sustainable, since it’s made from reclaimed wood. Plus, it’s about 50-60% lighter than clay litter, so it’s much easier on your back! Especially if you have to tote it from litter box to litter box, up and down stairs like we do.

Ready to try out ökocat? Good news! It’s available in over 5,000 grocery and pet stores! Use the store locator to find an ökocat retailer near you. You can also get it online! Buy ökocat online at Amazon or Buy on Chewy.com. Before you purchase it, though, make sure you print an ökocat coupon and save today!

Remember, if you want to make cleaning the litter box less of a chore, it all comes down to three simple things: the box, the location, and the litter. The first two are totally up to you, but for the last one, I highly suggest giving ökocat a try! I bet it will surprise you, too!

What are your tips for making cleaning out the litter box easier? Have you tried ökocat yet? Share your thoughts below!

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30 thoughts on “3 Tricks That Will Change the Way You Clean Your Cat Litter Box”

  1. I foster cats and kittens and 100% agree about using wood litter. It really cuts down on the smell and mess too as they can’t flick it everywhere whilst digging about in there.

  2. Wonderful post for cat owners! I am not a cat owner but one day I wish to so I will keep these tips in mind.

  3. Divyanka Krsna

    This was such an engaging article! I guess no pet parent love to clean their pet’s litter box. This must be helpful for all the pet parents!

  4. I totally agree the right product makes all the difference, especially on things like litter. Thanks for sharing.

  5. i am not a cat person. But know quite a lot of people who are. I am going to share this information with them..

  6. arra carrasco-odeza

    I am skeptical to own a cat because of the litter everywhere. I can’t clean poop around my house :( Thinking of it frustrates me. Good thing now that there’s a better way to clean the cats litter.

  7. Definitely handy tips to have for those who have cats, location definitely important. Nothing worse than entering a house and all you can smell is cat litter

  8. I never been a cat owner so never knew the struggles. This advice on cat liter looks like it is going to be very helpful for cat owners.

  9. I don’t have cats but I have friends who do and I will definitely pass this post on to them! This seems like a great device used to clean your cat’s littler box!!

  10. My parents are in the stage of their retirement where they keep adopting animals, but don’t want to stop traveling. That means I’m on pet sitting duty. Although I don’t have cats myself, these will definitely come in handy.

  11. Alison Braidwood

    Luckily my two cats have good litterbox habits. But they are picky about their litter. The Okocat range sounds interesting.

  12. I used to loathe cleaning our cat’s litter box. It’s that one necessary chore for cat owners. I agree about the type of little box. Ridges mean spaces for smells and odors to get easily trapped and make the chore of cleaning the litter box even more of a chore. Oh and thanks for the info on wood clumping litter. This is the first time I’ve ever heard of wood litter.

  13. erin fesperman

    I don’t have cats (hubs isn’t too crazy about an animal that “goes” in the house) but if I did, these tips would be perfect! I have never heard of wood litter, that’s definitely a new one for me!

  14. We used to have a cat and I hated when it was my turn to clean the litter box. Back then there was no many options for litter or accessories. Love that they came out with a wood one, and that its so natural!

  15. I’ve always wanted to have a cat but didn’t know how to clean or maintain everything. This was definitely very helpful!

  16. I hate cleaning the litter boxes so I definitely appreciate any tips to make this job easier and less odorous.

  17. meagan goepferich

    I’m glad you found something that works for you. It can be so hard to find the right litter.

  18. My daughter has a ton of cats at her dads house. I will have to share these tips with her so that she can have her litter box there cleaner and fresher. Love these tricks!

  19. Kelly Hutchinson

    I had not heard of this brand of littler. It sounds like it may be a good fit for our family. We have two cats and our littler tends to smell!

  20. Catherine Sargent

    These sound like great tricks. I don’t have pets, but I will share this with friends and family that have cats.

  21. Melissa Chapman

    The big reason we don’t have a cat is the whole litter thing. We are dog people but this litter seems like a great choice for a cat family.

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