5 Zootopia Books to Fill Your Child’s Easter Basket

Newsflash, Zootopia is a hit with everyone! Continue the fun of the movie by getting your hands on one of our Zootopia book suggestions now!

Whether or not you have seen the new Zootopia movie made by Disney, you are going to want to get your hands on one of our Zootopia book suggestions for your bookshelf. With Easter just days away, these will also make filling up that Easter basket a breeze! The world of Zootopia is rich and full of details, and if you haven’t seen the movie you totally should. You may be left with a few questions about this amazing world where animals live side by side put in roles and jobs just like people.  How do the Zotopia animals live side by side without the predators eating the other animals? What are the animal’s jobs in Zootopia? What was the name of my fav animal again? Answer all of the details plus let your kid relive the story through a fun Zooptopia book. Check out my list of amazing  Zootopia book suggestions you have to get your hands on!

Zootopia Book Suggestions For Every Child

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Zootopia Little Golden Book


Little Golden books, there are so many good stories that have been wrapped with the golden edge. This Zootopia Little Golden Book is the book to grab when you want to easily retell the Zootopia story over and over again without watching the full movie. This book gives you all the basics of the story in a shorter format perfect for bedtime or story time.

Disney Zootopia: The Essential Guide


Have you ever owned or read any books by DK? The images are fantastic and they are not stingy with the fun facts. If your kid loves Zootopia, then Disney Zootopia: The Essential Guide is the ultimate book to own. Dive into each character in the story, a perfect guide for the kid who likes to relive the movie in depth!

The Stinky Cheese Caper (And Other Cases from the ZPD Files) – Disney Zootopia


My kids loved the movie Zootopia, but reading a new story similar to Zootopia can be even more fun sometimes. The Stinky Cheese Caper gives you a new book that your kids can enjoy featuring the characters from Zootopia. Extend the story and the fun, this book in on my list for my kiddo!

Zootopia: The Official Handbook


This is another fun book for the Zootopia fan in your house. Zootopia: The Official Handbook is laid out more like a tour book to the Zootopia world. Explore the city and learn details about how it works that you couldn’t catch in the movie. If you want to cross-check details from the movie or had a question about something specific in the movie, I would try this book.

Ultimate Sticker Book: Disney Zootopia


For a different twist, how about getting your kiddos a sticker book? This isn’t just any sticker book, seriously. This Ultimate Sticker Book: Disney Zootopia is full of over 65 reusable stickers. This is another book by DK, which means the images are going to be fun, and the sticker quality is going to be spectacular. My kid loves stickers, and reusable stickers are a definite bonus so we get more use out of the book!

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Are you excited about the new movie Zootopia? Which of these Zootopia book suggestions would you pick up for your favorite kiddo (or maybe fav adult!) in your life?

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