Wind Down after Decking the Halls with These Best Christmas Movies For Kids

Kick back after a long day of decking the halls by snuggling up on the couch with a few of these best Christmas movies for kids that you'll love too!

When you are done for the day with decking the halls and wrapping gifts, it can be oh so nice to snuggle up with your kids and watch a warm and inviting Christmas movie. Whether your children are big or small, there is a holiday movie to suit any personal needs and age gaps. Watching Christmas movies with the kids lifts my spirits. I could watch them all year-long or almost. Here are my favorite Christmas movies to watch with kids.

Best Christmas Movies For Kids

Home Alone-

If you’re looking for the ultimate family movie that will get laughs from the little ones just as often as from the grown-ups, Home Alone is a classic. With so many quotable lines and gestures, your children will take away memories of the film with them long into adulthood as the fondest of Christmas movie memories.


Elf is another great Christmas movies that appeals to both parents and kids as it features the always hilarious Will Ferrell and the serious actor James Caan in these two very contrasting roles. As Will plays a sweetly befuddled and innocently confused elf out of place in New York City and James is his estranged father, it sets up the perfect equation for comedic mayhem to ensue.

The Nightmare Before Christmas-

While this film also doubles as a Halloween flick, Jack the Pumpkin King wishes to gain some Christmas spirit by taking over for “Sandy Claws” this holiday season. The residents of Halloween Town are in for some changes as the romance between Jack and Sally heats up and Jack’s confusion with who he is gets addressed.

Dr. Seuss’ How the Grinch Stole Christmas-

No child should make it through a holiday season without getting to watch this Dr Seuss film. The Grinch is a Christmas icon of everything wrong that becomes so right each year at this time. Let’s celebrate his “too small” heart growing and filling with love as we put some popcorn on and make the hot cocoa.

A Charlie Brown Christmas-

There is no Christmas season complete without a viewing of A Charlie Brown Christmas movie for a kid. Chuck represents the underdog in us all and what better time of year to see the underdog finally rise above it all than this Christmas?

Which of these Christmas movies will you be watching with the kids? I am going to watch them all.

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  1. These are definitely some of my favorite movies and now I’m excited for Thanksgiving after dinner and naps when we put the tree up and just watch every Christmas movie we can find!

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