7 Genius Places To Have A Family Picnic

Spend some family time in one of our seven genius places to have a picnic. Your family can unwind, relax and enjoy some time making memories. Aww!

Sometimes figuring out places to have a picnic can feel almost as complicated as packing! Never fear, we have seven different ideas to get your creative juices flowing. These are generic places that almost anyone can find anywhere. In your town, there may be a perfect picnic spot tucked away in that little local gem. Whether you stay home to picnic or adventure up the side of a mountain, your family will have a blast!

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7 Genius Places To Have A Picnic With Your Family

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Your Backyard

Why go far? Lay out a blanket, bring a few plates and food and tah-dah! Instant picnic. This is totally different from a backyard BBQ because you are sitting on the blanket instead of in a lawn chair. In all seriousness, it can be fun to change things up, so go all out for your picnic in your backyard. Bonus, you have access to your kitchen for things you forget!

The Park

This one may seem obvious, but don’t knock the local park as the perfect place for a picnic. Bring along a soccer ball, a Frisbee, your blanket, and some food? You have your whole afternoon planned before you even blink. Most of the hard planning then become do I bring watermelon or cantaloupe? Splurge and bring both to the local park!

Outdoor Movies Night

Did you know that many communities play movies outside under the stars in the summer? Even better, most of the time movies outside are usually both free and kid friendly. Grab your picnic dinner and enjoy some quality family time getting your movie fix instead of binge watching on Netflix again. Check the local city events pages to find one near you! You can also check for drive-in movie theaters. While not free, they are also a fun place for a picnic!

On Top Of The World

Go on a full day hike to somewhere you’ve meant to see. Maybe you have a nearby mountain, caverns, or a waterfall. Find a destination for the end of your hike that’s enchanting, then stop for a picnic and a rest when you reach your paradise!

By The Lake

You know that little pond, lake or river you’ve passed by and thought was so tranquil? That’s your happy spot! If it’s swim season you can swim too of course if it’s allowed or even fish. If none of these are possible, just enjoy the water, your picnic, and your little slice of paradise.

From Your Bike

Snap on your bike helmet and get ready to roll. For this picnic, you will need some way to attach your lunch to your bike. It will be well worth it after your whole family has had a little exercise to stop and take a break for lunch.

Indoors In Your Living Room

Did the weather rain on your date? No worries, why not bring your picnic indoors! Spread out a blanket, turn off the TV and spend some time enjoying each other’s company. Bonus points if you build a fort with the kids first, then picnic IN the fort!

Finding the right places to have a picnic can be almost as fun as the picnic itself! Where would you have a picnic?

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  1. Bernadette Callahan

    We usually end up at the beach or the park. The girls love to have picnics out back too, simple fun!

  2. We love having picnics! We usually try to go to places we haven’t visited before and have a nice picnic, but sometimes we have a fun picnic on our living room floor too. Outdoor movie night sounds like a lot of fun!

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