Modern Family- Phil’s Sexy Sexy House (Highlights & Recap) #ModernFamily

modern family season 7 episode 7 phil's sexy sexy house recap

In yesterday’s episode of Modern Family, Season 7, episode 7 (Phil’s Sexy Sexy House) the families gather to celebrate Thanksgiving. Read our recap to get caught on the highlights.

Modern Family Season 7 Episode 7- Phil’s Sexy Sexy House Recap

The Modern Family, Season 7, episode 7 begins with everyone enjoying Thanksgiving leftovers at the home of Jay and Gloria. Phil is telling everyone about a sleek and sexy house that he is trying to sell for Mitch and Cam’s friend. More specifically, he happens to mention that the code to the house is actually the word sexy.

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Hayley gets an idea to go check out this sleek and sexy house. She goes through her dad’s files and gets a photo of the house address. While she is at the house, she decides to take a long and relaxing bath. Next, Andy decides to sneak into the fancy house, discovering that Hayley is there. She is trying to drain the water from the bathtub only to discover it has a stuck drain. Andy and Hayley try to open the drain and they both end up falling into the bathtub. Afterwards, the two try to turn on the television in the living room, only to discover that the remote is confusing so they end up turning on disco lights, the fireplace and opening the liquor cabinet.

Hayley starts to kiss Andy, when Mitch and Cam appear at the house to check out the high-tech amenities. Mitch and Cam don’t want their marriage to get dull and boring. So, at the house, they decide to grab some alcohol and in no time, Mitch is calling himself Magic Mitch while showing off some stripper moves using a floor lamp.

Phil is the next to arrive and the only one who is even supposed to be at the house. He is on the phone when he enters the house and is overheard saying “Don’t worry about Claire, you’ve got me all afternoon.” This leads Mitch and Cam to believe that Phil is having an affair.

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Meanwhile, Jay and Gloria had each decided to surprise each other. Gloria wanted to spend time with her family in Columbia while Jay wanted to spend time with his family in Miami. When Jay announced that he was flying the whole family to Columbia instead of Miami, the doorbell rings. It turns out that Gloria decided to fly her family to spend time at their house instead.

Manny decided to have a girl over his house. Joe decided he was going to act like a puppy, which the girl found cute at first, until he began to bite her leg. Later, Joe is in Selma’s cage when his dad asks him why he is in there. He starts whining like a puppy while Manny responds, “He knows what he’s done.”

Back at the sexy house, Phil had planned to take part in a role-playing game at the house, unaware that anyone else is in the house. Claire thought he was talking about role-playing with her. With Phil playing the game wearing virtual reality goggles, Claire enters the house wearing black, sexy lingerie. When the other family members walked in, Alex told her mom she looked like a hooker at Comic Con.

Modern Family Season 7, Episode 8 Spoilers: White Christmas

The next episode will be airing on December 9th. Here are some spoilers:

In hopes of the perfect white Christmas she never had in Columbia, Gloria rents a cabin in the mountains for the whole family, including Andy (guest star Andy DeVine), to celebrate the Christmas holiday. Unfortunately when they get there, it’s anything but; with unseasonably hot weather and a random unwelcomed guest (guest star Andrea Martin), the family is in for an interesting holiday celebration!

Did you catch Modern Family, season 7, episode 7: Phil’s Sexy Sexy House? What was your favorite moment of the episode? Tell me.


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  1. I’ve never watched this show but definitely sounds like a good one. My husband recently bought one of those view finder things and my girls are loving it!

  2. Eeek, I wish I didn’t see this post! I have quite a few episodes of Modern Family still on my DVR and now I know what the episode is about. Oh well, it will still be funny.

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