Modern Family- Season 7- Episode 2: The Day Alex Left for College Recap #ModernFamily


If you missed last night’s episode of Modern Family, Season 7, Episode 2: The Day Alex Left for College, no worries! We have your recap right here! It’s almost like you were there! As the title suggests, Alex heads off to college in this episode, but that’s not the only big change!

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Our Modern Family- Season 7- Episode 2- HIGLIGHTS

  • Everyone thinks that Alex is leaving for college the next day. However, she informs her parents that she is leaving for college that day, a day early. She allows her family to hug her for 5 seconds each before she leaves. Since Luke doesn’t want to hug her, Claire takes his 5 seconds to hug Alex a second time.
  • Claire is understandably upset at first because she had plans for sending Alex off to college the next day. However, even though Alex is moving to Caltech, which is only 30 minutes away, she wanted to avoid her parents making a huge deal about move-in day. She just wants to prove to them that she is an adult now, not a kid, and she is capable of making her own decisions and her own choices.
  • In the end, Phil and Claire are happy their middle child is headed to college and becoming independent but they are still a bit sad that she is leaving home. While Claire has her work to immerse herself in to deal with things, Phil takes it a bit harder. So to cope with the change in family dynamics his own way, he finds some ducks at the park and decides to take them under his wings for a while.
  • When Alex arrives at college, she meets her new roomy, Maisie, who is full of energy and extremely talkative. She instantly rubs Alex the wrong way.

Meanwhile, back at home:

  • While Luke wanted to hang out with the kids from school, Phil decided to take Luke to spend the day with him at work. Eventually, he realizes that Luke wants to hang out with his friends and lets him off the hook.
  • Mitch and Cameron finally open the unit upstairs as a short-term rental. They call themselves The Artful Lodgers but things get hectic and quick. One couple has pets, which Cam is allergic too and the fickle couple who must have softer bed linens is driving Mitch and Cam crazy.
  • Their plan to relax a bit at Lily’s soccer game takes an unexpected turn when the team’s coach can’t make it so Mitch takes over coaching duties, with the help of Cam. That is until Cam is banned from the game by the referee by saying the girls’ soccer is not a real sport during an argument. So, Cam heads to the parking lot and using his binoculars, coaches Mitch through the game.
  • Lily has a soccer game that the family has been invited to but no one wants to attend. So, excuses are made up including Gloria telling Mitch that Jay shot himself in the foot. But they can’t really shoot Jay in the foot nor can they say a miracle perfectly healed his injury. So, Gloria takes matters in her own hands and shoots Jay in the toe with Manny’s pellet gun. So, everyone arrives at the game late (the plan all along) and little Joe ends up ratting the family out about Jay’s injury. Luckily, Mitch is distracted since his team is losing so he really doesn’t pay much attention.

All in all, Modern Family, Season 7, episode 2 was pretty eventful! We have Alex going off to college and Mitch and Cameron making major changes to the home front. It’ll be fun to see what adventures await the Modern Family on both fronts this season!

What do you think will happen with the Artful Lodgers? How do you think Alex will handle college? Tell us in the comments!


12 thoughts on “Modern Family- Season 7- Episode 2: The Day Alex Left for College Recap #ModernFamily”

  1. When Bella was younger and I was in mops some of the moms and I would watch modern family. It was such a great show that I think I’m going to start watching again after seeing this post. Thanks for sharing and reminding me.

  2. I have never watched Modern Family before, but looks like an interesting show looking at those highlights. I would give a try if I get a chance to see it in Netflix.

  3. My Daughter just went off to her first year of University. It is so hard to let her go but she is only 20 mins from home so i can see her anytime. This is such a great show you just never know what will happen.

  4. I haven’t followed up on the latest seasons of the show. I started watching it when it first started, however, somewhere along the road I have missed episodes then whole seasons. I need a lot of catching up to do!

  5. I am ashamed to admit that I have never seen Modern Family. Everyone says I would love it so I have been meaning to check it out.

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