Mega Bloks Skylander Swap-Force Boss Tank Show Down: An Unstoppable Gift for Kids!

Looking for a great gift for kids? Check out this awesome Mega Bloks set! We received a Mega Bloks Skylanders Swap Force™ Boss Tank Showdown set to facilitate this review. All opinions are our own.


Skylander Swap-Force is pretty much the number one gift for kids this year, at least as far as my son is concerned. We jumped on the Skylander bandwagon two years ago with the regular Skylanders (now called “series one”). Then last year it was all about Skylanders Giants. This year, there’s a whole new Skylander in town and this time he can swap body parts with his buddies! Hey, I’m pretty excited about this, and I’m 38!

Mega Bloks Skylander Swap-Force Boss Tank Show Down Makes a Great Gift for Kids


Mega Bloks also introduced a new line of their awesome playsets to go along with the release of Skylanders Swap-Force. I had a chance to check out the Boss Tank Show Down with my son, Jacob. As I expected, it’s pretty awesome! The set features:

  • A buildable Boss Tank complete with a working launcher
  • Wash Buckler character and an Evil Glumshnks character in his battle gear.
  • A buildable wall to “smash” through with the projectile that launches from the cannon.
  • The set can be combined with other Mega Bloks Skylander Swap-Force playsets to keep the action going!

Let me tell you what I love, love love about Mega Bloks- aside from the super cool sets, that is: The directions are super easy to follow! This is majorly important to me. I have very little talent when it comes to assembling things. Now, I know Jacob is supposed to be doing all the assembling, but honestly, he puts the smaller parts together and I end up doing the bulk of the work. He loves playing with them but he’s still at an age where he wants me to do the heavy lifting. Back to my lack of assembling talent. I inevitably put something on backwards or upside down whenever I put something together. Whether it’s a new toy or a piece of furniture. I can’t tell you how many bookcase backings I’ve put on wrong! Good thing I fill the shelves with books to hide it! I love how the pieces are packaged in baggies in a way that makes sense, too, so you’re not here and there and everywhere looking for the right pieces for each part of the process.


Mega Bloks has gorgeously fantastic directions with color-coding to really show you where the pieces go. Each step is shown in vivid detail so you don’t need a magnifying glass to figure out which piece goes where. I am seriously in love with their directions! Enough about those, though, right? You want to hear about how awesome this playset is! Take a look at my finished tank and wall:


First, it actually looks just like it’s supposed to, which means that I didn’t put any pieces in the wrong place! Yay for me! Second, the cannon launcher feature works fantastic. It actually shoots pretty far and is easy to aim at the breakaway wall. Major plus for Jacob’s adventures. Finally, I love that you can swap body parts with the characters! Technically, I don’t think you’re supposed to swap the good guy’s head with the bad guy’s (Jacob seemed pretty annoyed that I did this and switched it right back!), but I thought it was pretty cool that if you wanted to create strange combinations, you can!

This is such a fun gift for kids who love Skylanders Swap-Force. Younger kids ages 5 and up will really enjoy playing with the characters while even older kids will love displaying them as part of their Skylanders collection. Jacob plans to do both- play, then display. Check out the Mega Bloks Skylander Swap-Force Boss Tank Show Down Product Page and explore other Mega Blogs Skylanders on their Official Site.  Keep up with news by following @MegaBloks on Twitter and liking Mega Bloks on Facebook.

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  1. We would love to check out Dark Castle Conquest. Skylanders is all my nephew is talking about for Christmas this year. Thank you for the chance to win.

  2. Our Grandson would love the Crusher’s Pirate Quest. He is a big pirate fan. Thanks for the super giveaway opportunity. Keep up the exceptional blogging.

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