Is Hotel Transylvania 2 a Good Family Movie for Kids?

HT2 Movie Summary

If you have seen the movie trailer for the film Hotel Transylvania 2, to be released on September 25, 2015, then you know that the Drac Pack is back in action. While sequels are often tricky, since they can do well at the box office or they can completely bomb, from the looks of the movie trailer, Hotel Transylvania 2 will not disappoint.

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Hotel Transylvania 2 Movie Summary

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In the movie sequel, things look like they are changing a bit, especially in the family. Count Dracula is going to gain a son-in-law as well as a grandson. Mavis and Jonathan are married and have a son, Dennis. This time around, Count Dracula isn’t fretting over the news and in fact, he is liking his new role as a grandparent. However, things don’t go exactly as planned when he tries to give Dennis lessons on how vampires fly. He worries that since Dennis is half-vampire and half-human, he is showing more human features than vampire features.

When Mavis and Jonathan are vising his family, Dracula decides to enlist the help of his best friends, Frankenstein, Murray, Wayne and Griffin to put him through boot camp training to be a vampire. Other things are changing at the hotel as well, including the Count’s previous policy of a monsters-only guest admission. In fact, the hotel now welcomes human guests.

The first movie, Hotel Transylvania, released in 2012, Hotel Transylvania was only limited to monsters and not humans. The Count established the hotel to prevent people in town from chasing his friends with pitchforks and torches. The cast is all back this time around, with the addition of Vlad, played by the voice of Mel Brooks. Vlad is the father of Count Dracula and the grandfather of Mavis. He is over 1,000 years old, hates change and hates humans as well. Things don’t exactly go very well when Vlad not only finds out his great-grandson is not a full blooded vampire but also discovers that humans are now allowed as guests at the hotel.

The director of Hotel Transylvania 2, Genndy Tartakovsky, has worked on several other animated projects in the past. He is most-known for creating several animated television series for Cartoon Network including Star Wars: Clone Wars, Samurai Jack and Dexter’s Laboratory. In the film industry, Genndy was the animation director for the 2002 film, The Powerpuff Girls Movie as well as the storyboard artist for the 2010 film, Iron Man 2. The first Hotel Transylvania movie brought in $358 million dollars worldwide.

Will you be seeing Hotel Transylvania 2 with your family? Who is your favorite character?


19 thoughts on “Is Hotel Transylvania 2 a Good Family Movie for Kids?”

  1. Even thought the images and title sound like the type of movie that would scare kids, it is a pretty tame movie. At least from your review, it sounds like it would be a lot of fun for the intended audience. Good job!

  2. I doubt I will be seeing this one-didn’t see the first either. But I can see how children would enjoy this–and maybe they will realize that all people and monsters should get along.

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