Impress Your Kids With Cool Character Profiles & Trivia From Hotel Transylvania 2!

Impress your kids with fun character trivia and character profiles from Hotel Transylvania 2! They'll love that you know all about their favorite monsters!

We’ve gone a little crazy for Hotel Transylvania! Crazy like the wolf! Or is that supposed to be hungry like the wolf? We’re mixing metaphors (and, apparently, old 80s hairband songs!). Today, we’re sharing character profiles for all the coolest monsters in what’s sure to be one of the biggest hit family movies of the year, plus a little fun trivia to help you impress the kiddos! Let’s check it out!

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Character Profiles & Trivia from Hotel Transylvania 2

Count Dracula

Count Dracula is the owner and manager of Hotel Transylvania. He is also the father to Mavis, son to Vlad and grandfather to Dennis. He was married to Mavis’ mother, Martha until her death, caused by humans. He is funny, dominant and over-controlling.

Impress Your Kids With Cool Character Profiles & Trivia From Hotel Transylvania 2!

Dracula Trivia:

  • Because Sony Picture Animation had to deal with Universal Studios concerning trademark and copyright issues, they have to adhere to some rules when it came to how Dracula looked. For instance, Dracula could not have a red cape so that’s why it’s purple in the movies.
  • The Count didn’t not even know what a cell phone was in the first movie but he uses one in the second movie.
  • Sunlight doesn’t burn Dracula instantly but gradually.


Jonathan is the husband to Mavis, father to Dennis and son to Mike and Linda. He is a backpacking tourist that is good-natured, confident, talkative, optimistic and easygoing.

Jonathan Trivia:

  • If you look at his backpack, you can tell the places that he has been to: Ireland, Mexico, France, UK, Spain, Romania, Hungary, Greece and Germany.
  • Jonathan loves the band Dave Matthews. He told Dracula that he had tickets to the concert in order to convince him not to kill him.
  • Jonathan is 21 years old and Mavis is 118, making her 97 years older than he is.


Mavis is the daughter of Count Dracula, wife of Jonathan and mother of Dennis. She likes scream cheese and freedom and hates being treated like a child. Mavis is pampered, dramatic, headstrong and slightly bored. Her dream is to go out and see the world.

Mavis Hotel Transylvania 2 Characters Trivia

Mavis Trivia

  • The original person cast for her part was Miley Cyrus. However, Miley ended up leaving due to conflicts with other projects and Selena Gomez was cast for the role.
  • Mavis is Jewish as evident in the interview where her father stated that her 118th birthday was going to be larger than her Bat Mitzvah. Bat means girl in Hebrew and Mitzvah is a law.
  • Mavis is home-schooled.
  • Her favorite foods are scream cheese and worm cakes.


Frankenstein is best friend to Count Dracula. He is over-sized, works hard and has a big heart. He is married to Eunice and considers Dracula and Mavis to be his adoptive family.

Frankenstein Trivia:

  • Frankenstein has a fear of fire which probably comes from the 1931 movie Frankenstein. In this movie, Frankenstein has a fear of fire and died in a burning windmill.
  • Sony Picture Animation also had trademark and copyright laws to follow for Frankenstein. For instance, he couldn’t be green and he couldn’t have electrodes on his neck. So, in the movies Frankenstein is blue and has no electrodes.

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Wayne is a werewolf and a guest at the hotel. He is married to Wanda and is dad to the werewolf kids. Wayne works as a data processor and he coaches a t-ball team.

Impress Your Kids With Cool Character Profiles & Trivia From Hotel Transylvania 2!

Wayne Trivia:

  • Wayne is voiced by Luca Dal Fabbro in Italian.
  • Wayne may headed for a mental breakdown due to the chaos of his kids.


Griffin is an invisible man and only his glasses can ever be seen. He is a good friend of Dracula’s and loves to use his invisibility as a bonus during fights and he also loves surprising people. He often forgets that he is invisible and he plays the drums for Mavis in the band.

Griffin Trivia

  • Griffin doesn’t seem to have a wife or girlfriend since he doesn’t bring anyone with him to the hotel when he visits nor does he mention having one.
  • When the storyline was being developed, Griffin’s role was supposed to be the hotel bartender.


Murray is a mummy, like to party, is friendly and good-natured and has a crush on the female mummy. Murray used to be an entertainer for the Pharaohs of Egypt and is always the life of every party.


Vlad is the father of Count Dracula, grandfather of Mavis and great-grandfather of Dennis. He is very old, does not like change and dislikes humans.

Impress Your Kids With Cool Character Profiles & Trivia From Hotel Transylvania 2!

Vlad Trivia:

  • The idea for Vlad came from Vlad the Impaler.
  • Vlad’s character looks a lot like the character of Oberon in the 1990’s cartoon, Gargoyles.


Eunice is married to Frankenstein and is critical and brash but loves her family dearly. Eunice is recognized by her flashy outfit that consists of a fuzzy purple turtleneck, high-waist skirt, gold hoop earrings, black and pink striped headband, pink high heel shoes, red lipstick and blue eyeshadow.


Wanda is wife to Wayne and mom to the werewolf kids. She is soft-spoken, sweet and maternal. She is often pregnant but stays slim. Her outfit consists of a white shirt under a yellow dress with a dark yellow skirt.

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