13 Outstanding Movies for Families Who Love Mysteries

Does your family love a good Does your family love a good “whodunnit” story? You’re going to get really into these good family mystery movies! Watching movies full of twists, turns and adventure are such a fun way to bond together on family movie night. My kids and I love trying to figure out what will happen next and answer the big questions of the character. These types of good family movies are also excellent for honing your children’s deductive reasoning skills and analytical thinking. Check out a few of our favorite family mysteries!

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Top 3 Good Family Mystery Movies

The Pink Panther

The Pink Panther is a 2006 mystery comedy movie, is a reboot of 1963 The Pink Panther movie and is the 10th installment in The Pink Panther movie series. The movie stars Steve Martin, Kevin Kline, Jean Reno, Emily Mortimer, Beyonce Knowles and Henry Czerny. The Pink Panther is centered on not only the murder of a famous soccer coach but also the theft of his priceless and legendary ring, which feature a gorgeous diamond called The Pink Panther. Chief Inspector Dreyfus, who is part of the French government, employs the services of an untalented inspector, Jacques Clouseau to handle the case, as a decoy to divert the attention of the media. Can Jacques solve this case before Dreyfus takes the credit himself?

The Secret Garden

The Secret Garden is a 1993 British drama fantasy film that is based on the 1911 novel of the same name by Frances Hodgson Burnett. The film stars Maggie Smith, Kate Maberly, Andrew Knott, Heydon Prowse, John Lynch, Irene Jacob, Colin Bruce, Laura Crossley and Walter Sparrow. Mary is a young girl is sent to live with her distant uncle after her parent dies in an earthquake; she starts to occupy her time by exploring her uncle’s estate. When she finds a garden that has been locked since her aunt died, she also discovers a bedridden cousin, Colin, she never knew existed. Mary meets a local friend, Dickon, and together along with Colin they investigate the garden, making a decision that will change everyone’s life.


National Treasure

National Treasure is a 2004 adventure heist movie that is the 1st movie in the National Treasure film series, with the others being National Treasure: Book of Secrets in 2007 and National Treasure 3, scheduled to hit theaters in 2017. The movie stars Nicholas Cage, Harvey Keitel, Christopher Plummer, Jon Voight, Sean Bean, Diane Kruger and Justin Bartha. Benjamin Gates is a treasure hunter in search of treasure that no believes even exists. When Gates finds a clue to the treasure, he finds out that the clue is only the beginning of a long journey. What happens when he decides to steal the treasure before the wrong people get it?

More Good Family Movies for Mystery Fans

  • Holes
  • Scooby-Doo (the live-action movies or any of the many, many cartoon feature-length movies)
  • Escape to Witch Mountain
  • Great Mouse Detective
  • Mystery Men
  • Nancy Drew
  • Clue
  • Fairy Tale: A True Story
  • Hoodwinked
  • A Cat in Paris

Do you have any other favorite good family mystery movies? Tell us in the comments!

15 thoughts on “13 Outstanding Movies for Families Who Love Mysteries”

  1. loved Nacy drew and i have some mystery movies for you!
    knifes out.
    Enola homes
    sherlock homes
    stand by me.
    if you are into comedy then try this
    the wrong missy
    or thriller hanging on Ur seats.
    enjoy !

  2. I highly recommend Murder Mystery on Netflix, it is great and keeps you on the edge of you seat the whole time. Not to great for the younger group, there is some sexual comedy and wordplay.

  3. We love family movie nights and have yet to see many of these suggestions. A good mystery is a great way to get those wheels turning and keep the kids engaged too!

  4. Oh my goodness, The Secret Garden and National Treasure… both great movies. I need to get my kids to watch The Secret Garden… maybe for movie night? Thanks for the ideas :)

  5. My husband and I do love mysteries! Our kids are still younger and have not developed this appreciation yet~!

  6. We must be movie geeks because I think we’ve seen all of these. ;) I bet the kids would say National Treasure was their favorite though. This is a great list for a family movie night!

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