Get Ready for Fun Family Bonding Time with LEGO Star Wars Droid Tales!


Did you hear that there’s a new LEGO Star Wars show on DisneyXD? So exciting! We’re all huge LEGO AND Star Wars fans here! The two together are just perfect! The new show is called LEGO® Star Wars™: Droid Tales. The mini-series retells the story of the six current live-action Star Wars movies that we all know and love, but with a twist. They’re all told from the perspectives of R2-D2 and C3PO! It also goes in chronological order, rather than by release dates.
The series begins with all the victors from the end of the 3rd movie (6th chronologically), Return of the Jedi, hanging out in the Ewok village. They’re celebrating their liberation from the Emperor. They all get to talking about how it began, and C3PO steps in to tell the story. What no one notices, though, is that poor R2 is bot-napped when a mysterious figure steals the ship that he’s on!
We watched Exit from Endor together as a family. I like that it’s a humorous and quirky retelling of the story. It’s fun for kids but also for parents who love Star Wars. It really helps bring generations together, because you can tell your kids who haven’t seen the movie bits and pieces of trivia throughout the episode. Of course, since it’s a LEGO series, expect to see new LEGO Star Wars kits coming out to accompany it, including the super cool Naboo Fighter!


These LEGO Star Wars construction sets, along with the new Droid Tales, are such a fun way to introduce younger kids to the Star Wars saga. You can tell your own recap stories as you build the sets together after watching, or create brand-new Star Wars adventures for your mini-figures! The combination of the show and the sets makes for perfect family bonding time.
I have a confession: when I accepted to participate in this Lego Star Wars campaign, I had my son in mind. He is 14 year-old and he is a huge LEGO Fan. All he wants for his birthday and Christmas is LEGO sets. He can play for hours! My 7 year-old daughter was always a spectator without showing any extra interest. When LEGO Star Wars hit our home, my son was at a sleep away camp. My princess was curious enough to open the box. And it happened that my husband (her father) was around! And let’s see what he has to say about this experience!


Father/Daughter Bonding with LEGO Star Wars Droid Tales

get-ready-for-fun-family-bonding-time-with-lego-star-wars-droid-tales Hi, I am Olfa’s husband!  Today I am sharing my LEGO Star Wars experience with my daughter. I am ashamed to say that it is my first time putting LEGOs together with my daughter. I mean, I played with her before (cards, board games, etc). I was the one helping our son with his LEGOs but as Olfa mentioned above, our daughter didn’t show any particular interest. We did not want to push it. get-ready-for-fun-family-bonding-time-with-lego-star-wars-droid-tales But today when she saw the box, she was curious enough to open it. My daughter is a first grader (soon second grader). She reads on her own but she was clueless on how to read the manual. And this is where I came. My wife was busy preparing dinner and I thought it would a great idea to help little one. Since it was her first time putting together a LEGO kit, I wanted to give her some quick guidelines: First we took the manual out.  Then we took all the small packs of LEGO. We made sure to unpack one at a time.  Then we settled in to get started! get-ready-for-fun-family-bonding-time-with-lego-star-wars-droid-tales

She quickly got the hang of it and I was a proud dad. She managed to put the pieces together. I helped her by guiding her through the instructions and making sure she was following through. She has little hands (that are perfect for LEGOs). While putting the pieces, we were imagining we were in Star Wars: naming characters, making sounds and singing.
It was the best time of my life. Even if it did not take her long to understand the basics and the LEGO set up, she did not want me to leave her side. She was reassured by my presence. Frankly, I did not want to leave. I just wanted to be by her side and assist her in any way I can.


It took her few days to set it up as she was attending a day camp. But she managed to finish it on her own. She was so proud.
Start catching up on the entire Star Wars™ saga today with LEGO® Star Wars™ construction sets and the new Droid Tales series. Click here to start building the universe, and tune in to Disney XD for new Droid Tales episodes as the perfect way for families to learn or relive the saga before the new film comes out later this year!
Who is your favorite character from LEGO Star Wars Droid Tales? Tell us in the comments!
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  1. My kids love lego.. we paid a year membership at Legoland, absolutely worth it. We bring our kids almost every weekend. They can play Lego toys for free

  2. I would play with Legos but I get bored easily. My son loves it though and I am saving up to bring him to the Lego store here in Manila. I wanna make sure that if he wants to buy at least 3 boxes, I can say yes. Looking at the photos here are very inspiring. I am not a Star Wars fan nor is my son but I think he’d be into this.

  3. My children also love Lego sets. It’s amazing how they can build these sets and characters. I am sure your daughter loved hanging out with her dad what a special day for her.

  4. We are huge Star Wars fans. This looks like a fun Lego set. I will have to pick one up for the kids and I to play with.

  5. Bonnie @ wemake7

    Awww how sweet. They look like they had a really great time. Can’t go wrong with Legos, they are so fun to build with.

  6. That Lego Set is awesome. My kids love Star Wars and they’d surely enjoy putting this piece together. Lego sets are one of the best educational toys and also the ouchiest toy if you happen to step on a piece. LOL.

  7. All my son talks about is LEGO’s! it’s crazy how little plastic pieces can bring such a craze! We absolutely love them, it sparks imagination and family fun!

  8. Robin Rue (@massholemommy)

    We love Lego sets in our house. My kids have a ton of them and we all love spending time sitting down assembling them all.

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